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Ricardo Ribeiro remembers the "tough" teenager: "I tried to commit suicide"

Ricardo Ribeiro remembers the “tough” teenager: “I tried to commit suicide”

Fado singer Ricardo Ribeiro had an emotional conversation with Manuel Luis Ghosha, on “Kunta-Me”, and gave a review of his life.

On this Saturday the 17th, the broadcast of “Kunta Mi” Ricardo Ribeiro, 39 years old, talked about personal and professional life.

In a journey through time, the Fado is a singer Mentions “difficult” childhood and adolescence. “I was born in a typical neighborhood in Lisbon, in Agoda. My parents were humble people and separated early. I suffered a little. My childhood was not easy. I stayed with my mother who had health problems. The separation,” he began by confirming Ricardo Ribeiro.

But for the artist, this difficult stage also had a positive: it was full of dreams. “At the age of fifteen, I dreamed of becoming a priest. I wanted to walk the path of the priesthood. And everything happened, thanks to a decision from my father. And because I had problems – I even tried to commit suicide, at the age of 13 – my father put me in boarding school, in a Catholic school And it was the best thing he did. I met a priest who changed my life. He had extraordinary sensitivity, precision and wisdom, “Ricardo Ribeiro quotes.

Watch now Ricardo Ribeiro’s interview on “Kunta Me”.

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