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Richard Dawkins abandoned science to justify his transphobia – Instituto Humanitas Unisinos

Richard Dawkins abandoned science to justify his transphobia – Instituto Humanitas Unisinos

“It’s shocking to see The most famous atheist in the world “They use their massive platform to belittle or deny trans identities.” Hemant Mehtawriter, Podcaster And the atheist activist weIn an article he published Religious News Service – RNS01-08-2023.

Here is the article.

For decades, the famous evolutionary biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins has urged his readers to use science and reason to combat religious misinformation. now Dawkins He gives up both to publish the letter Anti-transgender Adopted by religious conservatives.

During the last episode of your program PodcastReality poetry“, Dawkins I spoke with the author Helen Joyce On “The Impact of Gender Ideology on Society.” There was no mention of how Joyce had previously said trans people were “damaged” and “a big problem for a sane world.” Dawkins also fails to mention her belief that “reducing” the number of people who move is a moral imperative.

Dawkins Not only did I agree with many of their points, but she added that “gender is really binary” and that children choose to become transgender under pressure from their peers and teachers. He also insisted that people like him are the real victims of abuse, asking “why all this? bullying (go) in one direction. (In fact, a 2021 study found that transgender people are four times more likely than cisgender people to “experience violent victimization.”) Podcast It was published days after Dawkins wrote an article for the British magazine The new statesman The answer to the question: “What is a woman?Dawkins’ short answer is, “A woman is an adult human female, devoid of a Y chromosome,” as if the absence of a single chromosome answers the question. This is contrary to what many scholars say on this subject.

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“There are cisgender women who have XY sex chromosomes and many other exceptions to intersex. About 1 in 1,000 people are intersex,” he said. J. McCreighta science communicator and doctor of genomics who has advised on transgender inclusion for biotech companies. McCreight “This is very common when it comes to biology,” he added via email. “One study might treat sex as something binary for practical reasons, but scientists realize that the reality is much more nuanced.

Although recognizing the existence of these exceptions, Dawkins He casually rejects it, just as he rejects the genetic influences that many experts believe contribute to its development Trans identities. These exceptions and influences are the reasons American Medical Association And other major medical organizations have supported gender-affirming care. Dawkins also rejects definitions of femininity that transcend chromosomes. In 2021, he went even further, comparing trans people to Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who famously (not without controversy) was black. Noting that transgender people make a similar choice, he tweeted: “Some men choose to identify as women and some women choose to identify as men.” He insisted he did not disparage trans people – most of whom say their gender identity is not a choice, just who they are – and said he used their names and pronouns out of “courtesy”.

But that didn’t make things easier. a American Humane Associationwhich was granted Dawkins prize Humanitarian to year In 1996, she dropped the honor in response.

At a time when 76% of Atheists Acceptance of the existence of transgender people, according to a poll he conducted Pew Research Center In 2022, while only 38% of all American adults feel the same, it’s shocking to see that The most famous atheist in the world They use their massive platform to belittle or deny trans identities. This is especially true when trans people in the United States are under attack from conservative media and lawmakers who are eager to label them as predators. Advocacy group happy He said 2023 is “on track to be a record year for state legislation targeting LGBTQ adults and youth,” including laws that ban or limit transgender individuals’ access to health care and participation in sports.

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For decades, they have been the most vocal opponents of human rights LGBTQ It was religious conservatives who argued that acceptance violated God’s wishes. But recently, as the lines between politics and religion have blurred, conservatives have been citing science rather than religion to justify their positions. In response to a transgender colleague, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene hung a sign outside her office that read: “There are two sexes… TRUST THE SCIENCE!” A modern anti-trans film from the conservative provocateur Matt Walsh I tried to make a scientific, not religious, argument against transgender people. And author JK Rowling, who Dawkins He called her “very brave” about it PodcastHe expressed his inflammatory rhetoric in biological terms.

What’s the most frustrating thing about changing your focus? Dawkins It is that his excellent scientific writings have been marred by his strange obsession. As far as fans of the series Harry Potter Now conflicted about the book and movie franchise and its creator, I can no longer recommend Dawkins’ books to people who want to educate themselves about evolution.

It’s also crazy because Dawkins still The favorite atheist of reporters and media professionals. There is more Atheists LGBTQThere are more women and people of color than ever before, but it is Dawkins who often takes center stage when there are public conversations about atheism. Of course, this is not his fault: he literally wrote the most popular book on the subject. But it is irresponsible to use his platforms to spread ignorance about a topic that critics have repeatedly said he does not understand and often gets completely wrong.

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Your words also have the effect of excluding people further LGBTQ While they are already marginalized by many powerful religious leaders. Why would they want to become atheists when supposedly “reasonable” people are spreading the same lies they hear in churches?

Trans people are currently subject to political attacks and laws that strip them of their humanity. Dawkins They should spend less time acting as if this issue is about basic biology and more time defending people LGBTQ Which was damaged by religious fanaticism – which is now assumed to be scientific -.

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