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Richarlison publicly attacks Antonio Conte: “This season bothers me because I don’t have minutes” – Champions League

Richarlison publicly attacks Antonio Conte: “This season bothers me because I don’t have minutes” – Champions League

Richarlison entered the field in the 70th minute against Milan, with 0-0 reigns until the final whistle, which favored the Italian team, which qualified for the “quarter” of the Champions League. At the end of the match, the Tottenham striker was left with little to say and openly criticized his coach, Antonio Conte. “It was something I didn’t understand [n.d.r. começar como suplente]. He was going at a good pace, he was doing fine, he was coming off two wins, and all of a sudden he benched me. Against Wolves he put me in 5 minutes. You don’t have to talk about anything. yesterday, [Conte] He asked me to take an exam at the training center. He told me if it was okay he would go to the match. And when the match comes, put me on the bench. These are things you cannot understand. He didn’t tell me anything. Let’s see what he says tomorrow but no fool here either. I’m a pro, I work all day and I want to play! Lost minutes, wasted time. This season is – I’m sorry – bad because I don’t have any minutes. I’ve had a few injuries, too. When I enter the field I give my life. He came from two games where he was fine. Especially with Chelsea, we won and I played the full 90 minutes. And that. There isn’t much to talk about. I think I should have played [de início com o Milan] And now there is no need to cry,” the Brazilian striker stressed to TNT Sports, also criticizing the way the team finished the match in London.

“Of course, we’re out of the club’s biggest competition. A team can’t play like this without having a goal. We have to put the team ahead, especially in the second half. Now there’s not much to talk about, it’s just that we don’t find fault. What we have left is just Premier League. He’s training more and working harder for the next game,” Richarlison confirmed.

At the end of the season, Richarlison assumed he was not meeting expectations and wanted more. “There are more or less 20 games left. It’s about concentrating on those games, scoring as many goals as possible. The club paid a heavy price for me and, until now, I haven’t responded on the pitch. It has held me back a bit. Play. Now, it’s time Go home, rest and tomorrow there’s very early training and see if that gets me into the starting line-up for the next game,” stressed the player who signed from Everton in the summer.