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Rio City Hall identifies employees returning to work face-to-face, but does not disclose how many have been vaccinated

Despite claiming a return Municipal employees to me Work face to face Until the 31st of this month, Rio City Hall He still doesn’t really know how many pros Vaccine against Covid-19 And how many are still vulnerable to severe forms of the disease. According to the Secretariat of Government and Public Integrity (Segofi), the human resources sectors are investigating the number of immunized people with teams. The appeal has alarmed workers because of the risk of infection, and some groups are trying to educate the executive to change the rule.

They might stay in Distance working Only people over 60 years of age or with comorbidities who have not yet received the second dose of vaccine or who have not completed 14 days after applying the second dose. People with comorbidities whose age group is not included in the vaccination schedule also have the right to continue practicing their duties at home, as long as they provide a medical report.

Head of Carioca Federation of Tax Inspectors (Sincaf-RJ), Luiz Antonio Barreto estimates that about 110 of the 190 active workers in this category have not been vaccinated, as they are under the age of 60. The entity performs a survey with the servers to obtain and show accurate data for the city. Nine days ago, the group sent a letter to Mayor Eduardo Pais, demanding continued remote work for health security, but has yet to receive a response.

Work conditions generate anxiety

Because rental inspectors provide services to residents in the annex building to the Rio City Hall in Cidade Nova, the fear of contamination is significant, especially because the rooms have insufficient ventilation, according to Barreto. The service has been available online since the start of the pandemic and has already begun calling for comments face-to-face.

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Physical space is not safe for taxpayers and employees. The windows are closed, there is a shortage of alcohol gel and proper personal protective equipment, and the place provides caking. There has been no change to the reopening – he says.

Income Inspectors Workroom in the Annex Building to Ri City Hall in Cidade Nova Photo: Disclosure / Sincaf-RJ

Municipal Network Teacher General Coordinator of the Federation of Education Professionals of the State of Rio de Janeiro Sibi, Isabel Costa, says the rating is troubling:

– My school will open with stuck dumper. Masks’ access to units is distorted: some have more; Others are less. Our vaccination is paralyzed. For this reason, civil servants go on strike as they are called to work face to face.

Defective flips at the municipal school
A defective dump in a municipal school Photo: Disclosure / Sep

Segofi said complaints about working conditions in the pandemic should be reported to managers and referred to the city council ombudsman for action.

Also according to the folder, whenever possible, the arrival and departure times of the teams should be staggered, to avoid a spike in public transport. In addition, unit managers must implement Covid-19 prevention protocols in settings, such as social distancing and mandatory mask use.

The Union of Public Servants of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro (CISS RIO) informed that the legal sector is available to provide assistance to associate workers affected by a city council measure.