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Rio: Server uses polio vaccine instead of Covid-19

The Municipal Health Department of Sao Joao da Barra, north of Rio de Janeiro, reported that 44 people received polio vaccine instead of CoronaVac covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday afternoon (17) at the Nova São Joao da Barra Family Health Unit, at the municipality headquarters. . An employee of the unit admitted that she was at a loss when separating the flasks. As soon as I realized the error, I stopped the vaccine application and notified the responsible sector.

In a statement, the Municipal Health Department expressed its regret over what happened and informed that administrative procedures would be initiated to investigate the case. The civil servant, a professional town hall employee, has been removed until the computation is complete. The memo also notes that the isolated fact does not affect the city’s vaccination progress, which is still ahead and is in the age group of 21.

In all, 37,648 vaccines have been applied, with 25,485 in the first dose and 12,163 in the full immunization. Among the population over 18 years of age, the Secretariat reported that the vaccination campaign equates to 90.5 per cent with the first dose and 43.2 per cent in the full immunization schedule.”

Teams responsible for immunization contacted all people who received the polio vaccine, ages 21 to 44. The Secretariat has rescheduled 15 days from now, for both those who were due to take the first and second doses of the fortifying agent.

The Department of Health reports that the polio vaccine has no side effects. It is applied to children and does not need to be applied to adults except in cases of displacement to countries where the disease is common. Vaccination also has no contraindications for infants.

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“The vaccine applied to inactivated polio does not cause any harm to adult patients, but rather is applied to patients traveling to endemic areas,” said Renato Sodre, an infectious disease doctor with the Municipal Health Network in São João da Barra.

The municipality’s municipal health department will ask the state government to replace polio vaccine doses.