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Riot Forge announces the release date of Song of Nunu and announces a new game

Riot Forge announces the release date of Song of Nunu and announces a new game

Lucas GirardiSeptember 16, 2023, at 11:18Reading: 3 minutes.

Nuno’s Song: League of Legends story trailer

See the first images of the latest League of Legends spin-off

Its operations in the gaming market have recently expanded Riot Games It released the first trailer for its new game Nono’s Song: The Story of League of Legends Last Thursday (14), it announced the release date of its new title. Universe lovers MOBA Players will be able to adventure with Nunu and Willump starting November 1st. a Riot ForgeRiot’s sub-distributor, also announced another game, which is… Bundle’s story.

Developed by Tequila Works, responsible for games like Rime and Deadlight, Song of Nunu will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC – through the Steam, GOG and Epic Games platforms. With the Standard Edition now available, the producer has also made clear its interest in releasing the title for other consoles. But so far no official announcement has been made.

The first trailer also has features Braum Help Nono and Willump, who go together to search for answers to… Freelord – Runetera area. More information about the game can be found through the link.

The game will be available in the above-mentioned bookstores for R $ 159.90 on consoles and R $ 89.99 on PC. Players who pre-order the game, which takes Nunu and Willump on an adventure in the Freljord, will receive a digital art book and a “bonus gift” for the work.

Bundle’s Tale: The Story of the League of Legends

In addition to the great news of Nono’s song, the distributor also announced… Bundle’s Tale: The Story of the League of Legends. Developed by Zombie bear gameswhich also included games such as Tomb Keeper and Punch Club Coming to market, a new Riot Forge feature will allow players to take on the role of a yordle – a resident of Pandopolis.

“When the city’s portal network crashes and the world falls into chaos, it’s up to you to restore balance! Players must collect and craft items to complete quests with popular League of Legends champions to save Bandópolis and its residents. “The game offers a relaxing experience that is Satisfying a diverse audience of LOL fans, ‘cozy gamers’ and many more.

Despite the advertisement, So far, the release date of the new game has not been announced.. According to the company, more information will be released soon.

“Both Song of Nunu and Bandle Tale showcase the true spirit of Riot Forge. We work closely with the exceptionally creative developers at Tequila Works and Lazy Bear Games, who bring their passion for unique stories and characters to the world of League of Legends,” commented Andrew Hoffaker, Director Riot Forge.

“These studios have created impactful experiences that enrich Runeterra for LOL fans, but also provide a captivating introduction for players interested in exploring this unforgettable world,” he added.

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