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Rita Blanco admits: “I was silly and made some scenes of jealousy”

The actress recalls that she almost attacked someone out of jealousy. Rita Blanco admits: “I was so silly that I did some jealous scenes. Once, I was so desperate I threw a chair at the other guy’s head. We were in the middle of shooting and I ran away. We were so young. I didn’t hurt him, but I felt so ashamed.”The first account. The post you make is about your next character!

The villain Renata is about to say goodbye to the SIC audience, but the actress returns shortly after in “Flor sem Tempo” in the role of the housekeeper, who although not evil, is a “quirky” woman, as she explains. : “She’s not a bad person, just quirky, and because she’s having difficulties with her stepchildren, Jaime [Diogo Valsassina] and Philippa [Joana Aguiar]And He wants to kick them out of the house.”. Furthermore, Natália, as the character is called, has a major flaw. “She’s married to Belmiro, played by João Lagarto, and she’s very jealous… Jealous people are annoying!” Rita Blanco She realizes she was the same one time, she admits. “I don’t know if I’ve been cured, but we learn from experience that jealousy is not evidence of love, but evidence of selfishness.”

“When we are fragile, we are more jealous,” Rita Blanco

Finally, scroll through the photo gallery. Rita Blanco He admits: “I was being silly and made some jealous scenes.”

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