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Rita Ferro Rodriguez dedicates an affectionate text to her stepson.  "I love you"

Rita Ferro Rodriguez dedicates an affectionate text to her stepson. “I love you”

“FMickey from the ground up. Son of Andrea and Ben – what a privilege it is to have been born to such good people – and my son too, in the sense we chose for ourselves.” With these words Rita Ferro Rodriguez began celebrating the birthday of her stepson, Miguel, who is 18 years old.

A post in which she recalls the beginning of her relationship with her current husband, Ruben Vieira, when she met her son.

“He was three years old. I was 30. I chose to be a part of his life and it was mine and we never let anything or anyone interfere with our unique relationship. We were lucky? Maybe. But we did too.” Presenter talking about the relationship with the stepson.

“We always built our own love bubble where we stayed for each other, for each other, for love, so much love, and was and still is, neither of us had a chance (because it was overwhelming) my stolen heart, my partner, my little life partner. If We had problems? Hey… I wanted to tell you yes just to normalize it, but the truth is No. Maybe because of my age when we met, sure because love is a very strange and overwhelming thing and that often gives us the answers and solutions – so we want to hear it. And always We wanted both of them to listen. Always.”

In the same post, Rita Ferro Rodriguez admitted that Miguel “may be the one who unabashedly protects in this life – even if sometimes he doesn’t want to – because he is with Leonor and Eduardo.” [filhos da apresentadora] There is an instinct to drop and learn.”

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“And with this son, the gift of love, protection is complete. I suppose. But you know what? It is mutual. He always protects me. Blindly. Against everything. It is ours, what we have. And nobody else.” He revealed.

“I just left to tell you that Miguel is 18 years old and he’s the one who makes the difference, oftentimes, between my day being good or bad. With him, it’s always good. He makes me laugh to tears (damn kid really funny)” And he’s so kind and so special, he fills the house with joy and he’s the best bro, puppy, and grandson ever. He has all the tenderness this world has in his curls. He’s caring and sensitive, someone who can conquer a planet with only good people. And we were safe on the level of humanity,” he said.

“Congratulations my love my love. Thank you for what we have but above all for what you are, damn it! Looks like you’re in the midst of all of this you’re an adult but I’ll always be here. Also because you behaved so well that you collected so many crap credits. I love you “.

Remember, Eduardo is the only child of Rita Ferro Rodriguez with her husband, Ruben Vieira. Miguel is the result of a previous relationship with the production assistant. In turn, Leonor is also the result of a previous relationship with the presenter.

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