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Rita Ferro Rodriguez has Covid-19 and vents: 'It was there...'

Rita Ferro Rodriguez has Covid-19 and vents: ‘It was there…’

On Friday, May 6, Rita Ferro Rodriguez took to social media to reveal that she had Covid-19. The presenter of the program left an eruption and alerted the followers.

Through the stories of her personal account on Instagram, Rita Ferro Rodriguez shared with her followers that she has Covid-19 and that her isolation period ends next Saturday, May 7:

“Thank you for the lovely messages I’ve received. It’s okay, I’m fine, I even left the bedroom for the living room. Tomorrow I will end the isolation, all that is required by the rules of the Directorate General of Health”, He begins by saying.

The Channel 11 introduction still leaves an alert to its followers: “Be careful he’s walking around. I’m fine now, I haven’t taken medication for more than four days. The only symptom I have – but I’ve been told it takes time to clear up – is a lack of smell and taste”And

The caller also explained that depriving the senses is very complex: “And this is very unpleasant. I think it is only when we are deprived of our senses that we realize how important they are to us for simple things like feeling safe. It causes a lot of confusion when, for example, not being able to detect a gas leak, if any.”

At the end of the video, Rita Ferro Rodriguez asks her infected followers to tell her when they taste and smell again.

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