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Rita Ferro Rodriguez vaccinates her son.  "No fear. It's a gift from science" - current events

Rita Ferro Rodriguez vaccinates her son. “No fear. It’s a gift from science” – current events

With the opening of the Covid-19 vaccination for children aged 5-11, Rita Ferro Rodriguez and Ruben Vieira were quick to pick up their son Eduardo.

On the morning of Saturday, December 18, the presenter shared some videos in the stories on her Instagram page where she was very happy.

“I am very proud of the Doda vaccination, meaning he is 11 years old and is due to receive the Covid vaccine today. He is very happy that we now have the whole family at home vaccinated. And it is a joy for us, not only because we protect it but also because we protect our community, without fear. It’s a vaccine, it’s a gift from science.‘, by saying.

Then, she went back to the same social network to tell that she had asked her partner, Ruben Vieira, to replace her because “I thought it would be quick, but it wasn’t, and it’s still good.” “There are a lot of people, a lot of parents waiting for their sons and daughters to be vaccinated, and I was very happy about that. It is a feeling: How good is this country in which there is such a high degree of maturity, civic spirit, and confidence in science.It was highlighted.

In turn, Rúben Vieira, better known as Ben, also shared this moment on his Instagram page, saying that little Eduardo asked his parents to get vaccinated.

My son this fills me with pride… As soon as he heard that his age group would start vaccinating, he immediately told us he wanted to go. And so it was, he was already vaccinated and he is happy to say it was very easy. Fortunately like him, many thought it was the same and the room was full of children who were happy to contribute to everyone’s well-being.“, he wrote.

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