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Rita Pereira remembers the day she met her partner and declares it

Rita Pereira remembers the day she met her partner and declares it

sEta Pereira showed fans two photos of her and Guillaume Lalonge taken by their three-year-old son Luno. A post he made on his Instagram page this Sunday where he marks a very special date.

“Today is our day. Lee and Guillaume,” he said. “Eight years ago I was on my way to the Algarve to enjoy a ‘sunset’ on the beach with my sister and…I know the coolest Frenchman in the world. Our story is so great but it would be a huge script, so I won’t give this a dry run, but here I leave the record of love real,” he said.

He added, “Unexpected love, unexpected love, love I wasn’t sure I would find. I found it.”

“Are we always okay?! Of course not, it would be a burden if we were always happy with each other and everything was fine. We have our ups and downs, but the most important thing is that we take on each other’s mistakes. We take a deep breath.”, We all say What we have to say, never memorize to say later (this is the biggest mistake of the spouses) and go to sleep holding each other and with the certainty that there is love,” he shared.

“If it’s forever, no one knows, if I’m so happy now, then I’m enjoying every moment. [Amo-te, querido]”, he added.

On this special day, we collected some photos of the couple in the gallery.

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