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Rita Seguro, mother of 20-year-old twins, admits: 'My dad and I don't have a healthy relationship'

Rita Seguro, mother of 20-year-old twins, admits: ‘My dad and I don’t have a healthy relationship’

Rita Seguro She has been away from the TV business for 10 years and is now a jewelry designer. This Thursday, September 22nd, had a conversation with Manuel Luis Josha On an afternoon program on TVI where he spoke, among other topics, about the pregnancy of twins Martin And the Afonso in 2002.

“I got pregnant then the second. net [que me assustou]…It was a shock, though, that I went to a fortune teller once in Cuba – that was the only time I went – and the only thing she said was going to happen was that I would be a mother of twins. I couldn’t believe anything. But when I went for an ultrasound and was told I was pregnant with twins…”The announcer and former actress said.

Martim and Afonso are currently 20 years old and studying at the university. They are men and they don’t care about me at all. They are so excited like me, they got it from me.”described.

The fact that my parents and I are separated and that we don’t really have a healthy relationship, which we can have – I don’t know [se alguma vez vamos ter]… They end up here in the midst of situations that are probably not very nice. They hold up well.”He ended up saying, without giving details.

Remember that Rita Seguro married in 2010 with an airline pilot Luis Pettawho is the father Martha21 years and Duartefrom 20. “I became my stepmother. For one, for Duarte, I am the most honorable, for he ate very poorly, as a child he did not like anything to eat. Nowadays he loves everything”He said.

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