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Rita Selima is forced to slow down after ‘the horror of death’ – Nacional

Rita Selima is forced to slow down after ‘the horror of death’ – Nacional

Rita Saleema shocked everyone and everything When, in a recent interview with TV Guia, He took over the tragedy of overwork, at the age of 56. This was your fault: after all, He was putting together the classes he teaches at his school by preparing for a play, the soap opera “Festa É Festa”And on TVI and “Love Is So Simple” in theatre. “I had no days off for seven months and I was on a roll. It was absolutely insane and I will never do that again. I promised myself and my daughter, Francesca, that even though I know how to face challenges…”

a The actress became so ill that students and her daughter, Francesca, 30, begged her to rest. And now she has fulfilled her promise to change her life. “I slowed down, it’s true. It scared them a bit, because I was in some more pain…”“It all happened at the same time, unexpectedly,” he recalls, acknowledging: “I thought it would happen…and it did, but I was green. I almost fell and it’s not worth it.

Today, for example, at least once a week, usually on Sunday, he even has time to “watch things on Netflix,” as Rita Salema admits with a laugh: “Now it’s easier, because I don’t have a Diogo Infante piece.”

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