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Road works in the Motra Street area of ​​Szczecin.  The new roundabout is made of asphalt.  Images

Road works in the Motra Street area of ​​Szczecin. The new roundabout is made of asphalt. Images

Road works are underway in the Motra Road area. The next layers of road will appear in the already built roundabout sections. At the same time, the pavement and planting works are completed.

Roadblocks and 25 bus shelters have already been set up on Safra Street. Work on the traction network was completed and prefabricated tanks were installed and filled. Concrete surfaces at the bus terminal and trees and shrubs are ready for planting. Preparations are underway for the flow of technology on the new track, and this marks the approaching end of major works.

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Sophia Street is being extensively renovated. New lanes, rings, sidewalks and bicycle lanes, sidewalks and roundabouts were built. All components will affect the quality of travel, movement and communication in this part of the city. However, the greens could not be forgotten. It is one of the largest municipal investments, introducing a large amount of greenery.

They were mainly planted:

  • Maples, red
  • Field Maples
  • And in different types of silver linden.

In total, 147 trees and more than 2,600 shrubs grow in this area from the side of the road and sidewalk. It would be so much fun to walk in a row of trees, and the plants would separate the sidewalk and bicycle path from moving cars. A total of 268 trees, 61,433 shrubs, 1,618 ornamental grasses and 120 grasses will be planted with the total investment.

– The environment in this area of ​​szczecin is changing dramatically. New created Tram track, Runs a completely new tram and bus terminus in the Neto Arena Hall, as well as infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. The road layout has also changed significantly due to the construction of a new roadway with four roundabouts, a park & ​​riding car park and two lanes in both directions. Eurovia Polska S.A. for construction work. Responsibility. The cost of the works is estimated at PLN 125,190,424.45 total. The investment is overseen by Tramvaje Szczewski SP. z oo, it handed over the function of investor representation and the function of contract engineer – says Hannah Pixiaska.

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