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Robbery – Police need help

Robbery – Police need help

– This is the fourth time in a year. Every time we have to spend a lot of resources to repair the damage after break-in!

This is how the Stepney City Farm charity's Instagram post begins. Three days ago, they released a surveillance video showing a masked burglar breaking into their building in east London.

– Unfortunately, this guy decided to break our window and break into the farm office last night. We're pretty sure this is a local guy, the post continues.

The video shows the masked man searching drawers and cabinets. According to Stepney Farm's social media, he also stole cash from an envelope.

Michael (54) died: – A huge shock

– call us

several British media The theft has been mentioned in recent days. The police in London also confirm that they are concerned with the case, and are ready in their address to the public:

-We need help and tips to find this thief. Call us if you know anything, and call us if you see him,” police said in a statement.

United States of America: In an attempt to stop a car thief, a woman is left hanging from the car window while the perpetrator drives away at top speed. Reporter: Karolina Rosoff-Hansen/Dagbladet TV. Video: Bristol Connecticut Police Department.
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No traces

Stepney City Farm is a farm with a nursery, café, rehabilitation center and art department where many volunteers work to help Britons of all ages. It is a recognized farm and has been praised in social media. In recent days, many people have reacted strongly to the farm raid:

– This is just sad. You do everything you can for so many, so this is a thank you, one follower wrote.

– I cannot understand that someone who wants to destroy a place created for the people of London is terrorizing another place.

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According to the Stepney City Farm website, the thief is still at large. The farm wrote on its Instagram that police are following up on the case, and they need all the help they can get.

– Call the police if you have any information, writes the farm and continues:

We would like to thank you for your commitment and concern for all of us. We'll be able to fix the windows, and he didn't steal more than a few thousand kroner, but it hurts, of course, and it continues.