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Robert Statlober: Goosebumps' experience in filming "Whitemanstank"

Robert Statlober: Goosebumps’ experience in filming “Whitemanstank”

“It’s Almost Magical”: Actor Robert Statlover describes duck bumps from the edge of the “Whitemanstank” shoot.

The lively, atmospheric film and thriller crime thriller “Whitemanstank” (May 31, 8:15 pm, ZF) ran as part of a rural crime series in Austria in early November 2020 and continued to receive positive reviews. “This is the most successful country thriller so far,” Robert Statlober (38, “L லbergszunky”) exclaims in an interview with the news agency, and returns to filming with duck bumps.

What will you not forget about the shooting of “Whitemanstank”?

Robert Statlover: I climbed the Oberwellock’s Mountain-like Jakutnik during a day’s vacation, as many scenes take place in Caponectal in the Oberwellock Municipality in Carinthia. It took me about five hours to get to the top, and when I went upstairs I noticed that there was a spoiler on the other side, which goes down about 1,000 meters vertically. Suddenly it started to snow.

Of course, I was incredibly well-fitted because I only wanted to experience nature between two days of shooting. I had nice shoes, but no jacket, for example. I was a little scared. I go to the mountains, but the situation is very serious because the strong wind really triggered the snow and as a result the visibility was poor. The last post on the Summit book was two weeks old, so it was clear that no one was coming often …

How did you create the descent from the quiet?

Statlover: It’s almost a little magical. I looked around and suddenly a Samoan major stood next to the summit and looked at me. At one point she began to jump slowly at an altitude of about 800 meters on private grass mats that were very slippery due to the snow. That way she showed me how to slow down and I followed her. Otherwise I might have slipped and not stopped.

I’m not really surprised, but this Samois really brought me to the wood line. Downstairs, of course, the blizzard was over immediately and was replaced by the most beautiful sunlight. When I encountered a wonderful stock in a hiccup, it roasted me, I simply sat down for the solution and was happy about this magical day. The experience really brought me closer to the essence of this valley.

Great story! Is there any need to ask what you think about hunting?

Statlover: I’m really interested in living animals. But my uncle was an avid hunter and I hunted with him too. I look forward to its primitive aspect and understand the passion as well. In addition, hunting is probably necessary here because we have destroyed all the big hunts. Nevertheless, I can shoot an animal, but breaking and chopping, and then being done on the spot, can be very difficult for me.

The picture has a regular schedule of hunters. There is such a thing for artists. Do you like regular tables?

Statlover: In principle, yes. But I have two small children, and at this time I can not go to the schedule of regulations. Sitting in one of the sober groups, with heated discussions, is very refreshing to me. But I also come from a small town, in fact you go to the regulatory table on Sundays, as a child, rushing through the dining room. It has something to do with embossing. In my twenties, of course, I wanted to dance, but now I like to sit around and talk to people.

What did you miss specifically last Corona year?

Statlover: Yes. One has to say, with all due diligence, we were in a very privileged position as actors who could work. Of course there was no socialization in the sense that I could sit with friends in a bubble, but of course there were gatherings during filming. We are all fully tested, so it is possible from time to time to discuss the scenes together or have a beer after work.

Prior to Corona, the “Whitemanstank” was created in the fall of 2019. What did you shoot during the corona? Are you back in the “boat” series?

Statlover: I can only comment on it in a closed way. But I do not deny it. In general, I filmed a lot from the corona. For the first three months I was actually locked up because all the products were put on hold. I started again in August last year. In the winter I shot an Austrian family series.

His character in “Whitemanstank” is Lovesick. You may have already enjoyed it. What helped you and what advice would you give?

Statlover: I think human history is full of advice about love, and none of that helps. You can use all of these ample resources: to meet friends, listen to music, play games, have plenty of alcohol, no alcohol, travel, stay home, one night stays, one night does not stop … it never works. Fortunately, the time I fell in love unhappily is long gone. I happily fell in love and got married. But when it wasn’t like that, all the cooking tips my friends gave me didn’t work.

Will time only heal these wounds?

Statlover: Yes. When you remember it 20 years later, you look back with a kind of nostalgia on this youthful arrogance of the heart. How great when you have suffered so much. Looking back, the personal pain diary from young people is often exaggerated in the BitterSweet manner. It might really help if you tell yourself: in 20 years you will laugh about this …


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