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“Roberto Martinez will have a big headache with Francisco Conceicao”

“Roberto Martinez will have a big headache with Francisco Conceicao”

FLast Friday, Francisco Conceição received news that he had certainly been waiting for a long time. Returning to FC Porto after a less successful spell with Ajax last season, the young winger has established himself in the blue and white.

After a start to the season in which he was often relegated to the bench, the Dragons' number 10 has risen in recent weeks and is currently one of the undisputed players in Sergio Conceicao's starting eleven.

The young winger's good performance did not go unnoticed by Roberto Martinez, and the national coach ended up calling up the 21-year-old for friendlies with Sweden and Slovenia. Therefore, this was the debut in the team of cornerback Francisco Conceicao, who has extensive connections with the national youth teams.

Vitor Martinez, the coach who led the young winger in the formation of FC Porto, confirms that he was not surprised by Francisco Conceicao's rise in level. In an exclusive interview with Sports per minuteThe 37-year-old coach, He describes the young man as a “competitive animal.”

“I'm not at all surprised by this invitation, it was a matter of time. It could have happened sooner or later. But the natural path for Francisco will go through this. Given the talent he has, the way he approaches work and the competitive beast he is, it is only natural that he would end up joining the national team.. It is another step and it comes now after his statement that it will also be practical through flexibility and the ability to fight and work,” Vitor Martins began by saying.

“He has a lot of quality, he is a winger that there is not a lot of and he has great ability in one-on-one play. He has gained maturity and experience. His loan to Ajax was also a failure as he played very little.” The coach, who met Francisco Conceicao in Porto's second team, added: “It would be surprising not to reach and not achieve this achievement.”

The “ghost” of Father Sergio Conceição

Returning to Portuguese football, youngster Francisco Conceicao has, in recent weeks, seen his name linked to the achievements achieved by his father Sergio Conceicao when he was a footballer, especially now that he has reached the national team.

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Vitor Martinez believes that the winger has any kind of favor because he is the son of what he is, and remembers the last words of Sergio Conceicao who, when faced with Roberto Martinez's call for Francisco, said that the players at his disposal were in the team of FC Porto. “They are all my children”.

“I think this does not exist in the game and the training space,” Sergio said. “There is balance, criticism, social media… We know the level that Francisco and Sergio Conceicao have reached and these types of comments are normal.” Publicizing that there are no parents and there are children, all his children, I feel there is no umbrella, Francisco returned to a home he knows, where he knows the pressure that exists and everything that FC Porto represents in Portuguese football. He discovered more what his soul was, unlike what he found at Ajax, which was a different world. “He has an umbrella, but it's competitive and uncomfortable.”

“Francisco plays for FC Porto because he can play, and I'm fighting for his fight. He has the numbers, he has the goals and assists, as well as the recovery and the ability to press. If not, he won't play.” Because he is the son of what he is, but history also tells us that it is very rare for the son of a player of Sergio's caliber to be able to impose himself in this way. But Francisco is a very focused and resilient player, and it seems that no matter what happens, he is there to work, play and be another member of the team.. He pointed out that his individual growth follows these collective pillars.

Without wanting to draw a comparison between Sergio Conceicao's career as a footballer and what Francisco Conceicao's career would be like, Vitor Martins believes the Dragons' number 10 has what it takes to reach the highest level of professional football.

“Talking about who is the best is a very personal thing. Times are different, so are the circumstances… We can go to the end of their careers and see who has scored more goals, who has played more, who has more caps.” More hats or titles… We can make this assessment, but it is difficult to predict. But anyone who works competitively like Chico runs the risk of flying at very high altitudes.“, he noted.

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“Competitive training for him… he is someone who does not admit defeat, no matter what the loss, he always wants to overcome himself and win. When that is the case, there are no limits. And when that is combined with the talent that Francisco has… he is a very virtuous player in Individual confrontations, aggressive with the ball, attacks spaces and confronts opponents, has the physical ability to insist and is always looking for more… even in the last match, which FC Porto did. [diante do Vizela] It seemed that the switchboard was his… and in the next step he was involved in another goal. He is a very focused person who always works within limits. When this talent is combined with this ability to work, no one can expect limits. He has just started his professional career, but he has all the conditions to reach the highest level. “I think it will be fun and full of good numbers and titles,” said Vitor Martins.

Access to the national team and certainty for Euro 2024

Although Francisco Conceição is a newcomer to the national team, the 37-year-old coach believes the youngster can make a difference in Roberto Martinez's squad, and also highlighted the new things the winger can bring to the team's cornerback squad.

“Roberto Martinez has a lot of quality at his disposal, and it's difficult for someone to come in and offer such different things. Francisco is another player… He's a wide winger, he doesn't take up a lot of space even though he plays on the wing.” He has the ability to do that. He has an amazing ability to attack the opponent and confront opponents. It is always on the “red line”, and will never turn off. Enter the final stage of the game or start from the beginning, Chico is always playing at his best. He will bring that competitive spirit and competitive determination that any national team should have. Chico will get there, and I know him as well as I know him, and I think this is another step to take When he takes all these things in. “He is someone who has a very high commitment and will add more to his abilities,” said Vitor Martins, who is not currently playing for any club.

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Although he is aware that the 21-year-old winger has plenty of competition ahead of him, Vitor Martins has no doubt that the Dragons' number 10 could be one of the players named in the final squad for the 2024 European Championships.

“I honestly think so. And his words [afirmou que queria complicar as contas a Roberto Martínez] They are in this sense. Wherever he goes, Chico will be a problem. He will always be that player who, no matter how bad things get, will always give everything. These types of players should always be compensated. When that's combined with the quality he has, like I said, things can fall into place. Although his competition is very strong, Francisco could make the final list. Fortunately, Roberto Martinez has plenty to choose from given the quality there is, but it will be a headache. This type of player profile, like Chico, will benefit from opportunities. Now that this door is open, I'm sure he won't give it up. “He will devote himself to his work as he always has and will fight.”

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