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Robin Amorim: "All stages are important...but this is above all" - Sporting

Robin Amorim: “All stages are important…but this is above all” – Sporting

The sports coach remembers a large amount of matches until another stop for the teams

Sporting will play five games between October 23 and November 7, in the overburden phase to which Robin Amorim is placing increasing importance.

“All the parts are important. We don’t know which game you will miss at the end of the tournament. Despite back-to-back matches, we don’t have trips and that helps. We’ll have the stadium with people and all that’s positive. We’ll define the competitions. Losing points in the tournament becomes more difficult. We have the Portuguese Cup and the Cup. The League and the Champions League … We have the advantage of having our fans. All stages are important but this stage includes many matches and competitions, above all,” coach Leonino said at the preview conference for tomorrow’s match with Moreirense, for the ninth round of the Bwin League.


Robin Amorim: “Ishako?  Hugo Viana and the President are in charge of the market

Back after two tracks

“He maintains the same attitude when we lose and when we have heavy losses. He does the same thing, knowing that it is dangerous. We have warned the players, they are all confident and have shown that they want to be an option. We are recovering many players. We have a lot to improve, no, he It was a perfect match. Everyone is ready. We have another important match to continue.”

A sport that depends on fate?

“We won. A player does not make a team. Butt is a very important player, he has a past as a midfielder and he played last year as a striker. He is a very good player, but I think Sporting is not. It depends on fate. Balinha himself played a better match and when everyone is better.” The team itself is better.”

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According to the record


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