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Robin Amorim no longer remembers hearing whistles: 'It was the epitome of an era' - Sporting

Robin Amorim no longer remembers hearing whistles: ‘It was the epitome of an era’ – Sporting

The technician explains that it was “part” because the team was not playing well

Ruben Amorim analyzed Sporting’s home victory (2-0) against b. Ferreira, asserting that the match was an “era summary”. “It was a good result. We created several positions. The match was a summary of a season, there was a lot of anxiety on the field and he moved into the team a little bit. [da última vez que os ouvi] Because we did not play well, both in communication and in construction, we had difficulties. Then we got excited because we had so many chances to score the second goal and from there, having made it 2-0, we controlled the game. It was a kind of summary of the footballer’s life and time. We live these moments throughout the game. They have to realize that this is part of it. He stressed, in statements to Sport TV, in his statements, that we won accurately and without dangerous shots from the opponent.

Alternatives become effective

“Sometimes it works well or not. Like I said, at that point we had difficulties in building, passes between the central defenders and a lot of anxiety on the field, but we improved after that. We kept P. Ferreira’s team in midfield. We had Longer possessions and we ended up getting opportunities.”

Why worry?

“It’s part of the game and the tournament. The players have to live with it. It seemed to me that the concern was more on the part of everyone than the team. There are times when we don’t play well, and there are others when yes. That’s what happened. It turned out to be a good result and a good match. When The opposing team takes 0 shots on goal and we take several, the opposing goalkeeper puts in a great show…”

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“He’s having a good time and we have to take advantage of it. It should be noted that Balinha is coming back, he did an excellent job for two weeks. He played at the start and got a yellow card, got out of another match. There is a mistake. He was not lucky in that aspect. Ugarte and they will continue to fight for the title and the team will improve with that.”

Leaderboard and 3rd place

“As long as it is mathematically possible…everything is possible as we saw today. I still think we can prepare every match and get the three points in each of the remaining six matches.”

By Flavio Miguel Silva


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