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Robin Dias tells how Estrela da Amadora fundraising made it central ::

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On the eve of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, in the run-up to the Champions League semi-finals, UEFA’s website was talking to Robin Dias, who talked about how he lived football and explained how he became a defender – central.

“I went to the pickups in Estrela da Amadora and was sure that I would be a forward. [Durante os treinos de captação] My team was feeling sick. We conceded one or two goals. I was playing as a striker and I went into defense. I think this describes what was – and still is – my way of being, which is that I can’t bear to see my team suffer. Then there was a gentleman who spoke to me and my father, and told us: ‘This kid is a central defender, and there is no going back. He is and will remain a central defender in the future. “This is where we are today,” the 23-year-old recalls.

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Champions League 2020/21

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Regarding the semi-final he awaits, the Manchester City player pointed to the importance of seeing the matches as finals: “It was five or six seasons in which we couldn’t get past the quarter-finals. Of course, we are very happy to be at this point. This means that we are a bit close to it. Our goal, but we are very aware that there is still a lot to do. Everyone who loves football has seen Paris play, so there is a clear idea of ​​what PSG looks like. Likewise, they also know, and I’m sure our team will be like another final. We’ll try “To make something look really normal and unnatural We have been playing the finals since the beginning of the season: one game at a time, we treat all of them as a final, because that’s the only way our team can succeed.”

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At the conclusion of the conversation, the Portuguese explained how football lives on a daily basis, even outside of training and matches.

“Often times my girlfriend says to me,“ Oh, you’ll see another game, ”and I always jokingly reply to you:“ Let me read more of my book. ”There are always opportunities to learn – a moment in the game that you can analyze, see a goal a team has suffered from, or find out how The team failed to avoid it or know how they sometimes managed to do it. From an early age, with my father’s encouragement, I used to learn from everything I see and not see the game as a show, but as an object to study. I didn’t just learn from one player or two or three players. “I learned from ten, 20, 30. I learned from everything I saw that can be a good example. Even today I am learning a lot to watch other defenders.

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