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Robin Semedo's girlfriend forgets the betrayal and travels to Greece with a boil

Robin Semedo’s girlfriend forgets the betrayal and travels to Greece with a boil

The past few days have been a real “horror” for Robin Semedo, who is responding in court after being accused of raping a 17-year-old girl.

Although it was already established that the minor, who was with the player, had sex before the complaint, Ruben Semedo’s girlfriend, Gioviana Pereira, forgave the betrayal of the Portugal international and stood by him at the exact moment he passed.

Once Semedo’s complaint was made public and her detention was made public, Joe, as she is known, traveled to Greece to keep a close eye on the condition of most of everything she had. On Thursday, when Ruben Semedo was released, after paying a bond of 10,000 euros, the young woman was waiting for the ace.It is possible to watch many shows on social media about Gioviana’s love for the Portuguese player. The young woman wrote: “Forever and ever.” In another post, she lamented the fact that she had to break up with her boyfriend due to his professional obligations.

“Olympiacos FC, why do you have to take him to the stage today?” The relationship between Joviana Pereira and Ruben Semedo began over 10 years ago, when the Portugal international was still in the Sporting squad.

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