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Roblox accused of exploiting young developers

Roblox accused of exploiting young developers

a company open world platform The People Make Games channel, on the Roblox website, accused YoutubeTo explore young game developers. In a video, Quintin Smith recounts a mysterious trading system at Roblox Corporation that makes it difficult for professionals to make money from the system.

Smith notes in his report that Roblox has 200 million subscribers per month and encourages young developers to work hard, which generates high expectations for success. The platform is about children. Little kids make toys for others to play. Games can be monetized and paid for using a virtual currency, Robux.

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In order for users to withdraw funds, it is necessary to add 100 thousand Robux, which is equivalent to one thousand US dollars, more than 5 thousand Brazilian reals. Since it is difficult for developers to note their games among the millions available, they end up failing to redeem it and return it to Roblox.

You are creatorsIn return, they can only withdraw Robux if they pay for a premium monthly subscription. Also, the fees for them are different. Instead of 100,000 Robux being equivalent to one thousand US dollars, they represent only 350 US dollars, which is less than two thousand Brazilian reals.

Roblox is all about kids. Photo: Katia Rechina /

the site Eurogamer I contacted Roblox Corporation, but a program He didn’t explain the situation, he just took out the body. “During the first six months of 2021, our developer community earned $248.7 million and we’re on track to share half a billion dollars with our community in 2021; which is about 5 times the amount our community earned in 2019,” the company said.

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Roblox added that “developers and creators, big and small, are key to the platform ecosystem. We are heavily invested in the success of our developer and creator community and continue to look for opportunities for community success,” he said.

via: Eurogamer

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