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Robotic vacuum cleaner: 7 options to buy at a discount on Black Friday |  Mall

Robotic vacuum cleaner: 7 options to buy at a discount on Black Friday | Mall

The robotic vacuum cleaner is a portable device Clever It cleans every room in your house by itself without having to waste your energy.

Contrary to what some might imagine, this device manages to clean the corners that the broom cannot reach. It is ideal for those who have pets that shed hair around the house or those who have breathing problems due to dust.

Currently there is already a 2-in-1 version, which vacuums and passes the cloth, and a 3-in-1, which vacuums, cleans, and passes the cloth. If you still do not have your offer, take advantage of the offers from Sexta Vieira Negra To buy at a discount.

It is worth remembering that when signing on Amazon Prime It is possible to access exclusive offers and discounts, free shipping throughout Brazil with no minimum purchase amount, on eligible products, as well as movies, series, music and other benefits included in the subscription.

Below, we’ve picked seven robot vacuum cleaner options at a discount.

Keep Clean robot vacuum cleaner, Oster – Photo: Playback / Amazon

The Keep Clean Robot has 4 functions and 3 pre-programmed cleaning modes to better adapt to your needs around the house. Select straight, zigzag, or spiral mode, choose automatic, spot, corner, or full program, and it will do the cleaning for you. Buy at this link with a 14% discount.

Robot vacuum cleaner, WAP – Image: Clone / Amazon

It has three cleaning modes: corners and edges, random cleaning and circular cleaning. It comes with a multi-function remote control that offers the option to program to clean at your preferred time. Buy at this link with a 14% discount.

Advanced Quick Clean Robot Vacuum, Mondial – Image: Clone/Amazon

Smart cleaning with charger dock and remote control. Sweeping, mopping and cleaning with just one touch! The Fast Clean Advanced robotic vacuum cleaner returns to the charging base on its own when it has a low battery charge.In addition, the remote control provides practicality and convenience to keep the house always clean, as it has commands to start and pause cleaning, buttons for direction and control On track and 3 pre-programmed cleaning jobs! Buy this link at 15% off

Wi-Fi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Positive Smart Home – Image: Clone/Amazon

3-in-1: sweeping, vacuuming and passing cloth (you can dry cloth, wet mop by hand or even purchase water tank sold separately). Buy this link at 10% off

Roomba® i7 + iRobot Smart Vacuum Cleaner Robot – Image: Play/Amazon

The world’s most powerful robotic vacuum now empties its dirt chamber using the Clean Base automatic dirt disposal system. It automatically recharges and continues cleaning where you left off. Buy at this link with a 16% discount.

Practical Clean Robot Vacuum, Mondial – Image: Clone/Amazon

Adjust the intensity of the floor for better performance according to each note, and sensors will detect unevenness and prevent falls. Easy to place under furniture, beds and sofas. It has side brushes to clean the corners. Using the mop function, sweep while vacuuming. Buy this link at 17% off

Robotic vacuum cleaner, multi-laser – Image: Clone/Amazon

It has two side brushes that simultaneously direct impurities to the suction nozzle. Obstacles: Ensure cleanliness between furniture and corners. Ample impurity tank absorbs fur, hair, solid waste and dust. Buy this link at 5% off

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