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Robots that delight four-legged friends and sex toys are among the most curious gadgets at CES 2024 – Multimédia

Robots that delight four-legged friends and sex toys are among the most curious gadgets at CES 2024 – Multimédia

Major technology brands take advantage of CES to showcase not only new products that are about to hit the market soon, but also their vision of future trends. At CES 2024, trends towards transparent and foldable displays for the future of TVs were highlighted. In the automotive world, generative AI like ChatGPT will help with navigation, infotainment, and other equipment features.

But the event is also a place where you can find expensive or exotic robots and gadgets. As in previous years, Sabo Tech He sought to collect the funniest things together, regardless of their usefulness.

Friendly robots added more color to the event

LG, among its various TVs and other home equipment, has introduced a friendly robot that aims to be the smart servant in our homes. for you The system uses multi-modal artificial intelligence, combining voice and image recognition and natural language processing. This home agent understands contexts and intentions, and actively communicates with users.

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Samsung also brought the friendly Ballie to the event, but only via video. This bot is not new, as it was introduced in 2020. At that time, generative AI was still far from its current dimensions, and hence, the new version works as a chatbot, a home assistant, and even has the ability to project images onto walls or a surface. Just like LG's Butler, Ballie can keep you updated on your pets' status in your absence, manage other smart devices and even answer calls.

Robots have truly become servants in the home and Ogmen Robotics has taken them on or To help entertain and train pets. This person can throw balls and even feed the dogs and cats in the house. The question remains whether he also cleans up the “little gifts” that animals release around the house, but then, Rumba's companion could get jealous.. One of its advantages is that it is always close to the animal, which allows, in the absence of its owners, to make two-way video calls from anywhere.

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ORo can also photograph or photograph animals to share online, and its AI system learns how the animal plays, understanding its behavior patterns, as well as being able to play music. Hey The robot is already scheduled to launch in April and is priced at $799, including the food dispenser and bowl.

The proposal is called RcLab MobinA delivery robot characterized by its ability to climb stairs and keep orders stable at all times. to Its wheels are flexible and the loading compartment works like a hammock, ensuring that nothing spills when traveling on uneven ground or stairs. The navigation system is managed by LiDAR radars.

For people who feel lonely, especially the elderly, they often rely on the company of their pets. Loona is a chatbot powered companion, capable of offering a more natural conversation with people. suggestion BEIJING KEY TECHNOLOGY It can also be used by young people, where they can play interactive games as well as being a platform for learning programming. Hey The robot recognizes gestures and voice commands and reproduces different expressions on its small facial screen depending on the context. Its price starts from $380.

Using robots to make and serve drinks isn't exactly new and AI Bar uses facial recognition to assist with customer orders. The Barsys Smart Coaster helps you mix drinks to make cocktails. But the star of CES was Adam, a robot barista he built Richtech Robotics. The menu features more than 20 drinks, from coffee to cocktails. Visitors can place orders using natural language and the robot has the advantage of using both arms independently to serve two drinks at once.

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French beginning Enchanted Tools He took Meruki to CES, a prototype of a new generation of humanoid robots that not only look cute, but are also meant to be useful. This film is clearly inspired by manga characters, mixing elements of a child and a fox. a The startup doesn't intend to deliver another cute robot, but something with personality and Meruki engaged in a narrative ecosystem, with a backstory that future owners can explore. This can be used in the medical sector to entertain children, in accommodation services, airports, or even as motivation in logistics areas.

Strange gadgets attract attention

An unusual gadget certainly attracts more attention than a computer, refrigerator or TV. During CES, some equipment was introduced that we still think about today. Take r1, a small tool developed by Rabbit, which consists of an operating system equipped with personal AI agents, designed to handle a variety of tasks and speed up digital life. He says it's a “pocket companion” capable of navigating between apps for you, learning from users' behaviors when using the apps.

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What if your toothbrush could talk to you? Oclean Ultra X is an AI-powered brush that communicates with the user through bone conduction. Imagine an assistant who points out where you should scrub more or when you are not brushing your teeth well. Would you be willing to try it? This is one available To buy for 80 euros. On the other hand, there is a pillow that promises to reduce snoring by 89% in sleepers.

DeRucci's smart pillow solution has a sensor that detects snoring and shakes a person's head to find a position that doesn't emit cave noises, which is better than having your wife elbow you. And the Garmin also provided Human Resources Management – FitWomen can wear it with a sports bra. It monitors heart rate and other information during sports activities.

Are you tired of virtual keyboards taking up screen space and relying too heavily on stubborn spell-checking tools? The Clicks are a physical QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone It promises to free up more screen space and achieve greater accuracy and speed in typing. This solution recalls the times when BlackBerry dominated the business mobile sector.

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If we had to give an award to the most unusual product at CES 2024, this would probably be it Extra mouth pad^ He will win the prize. This event served as a stage for the first public demonstration of this peripheral device. It is a dental laminate placed on the surface of the mouth and has tactile properties to interact with the tongue. And It's like putting a laptop trackpad in your mouth, allowing you to control smartphones and other connected devices. But as strange as it may seem, this wearable device can be used by disabled or disabled people, who are unable to use their fingers to interact with the equipment. You can see the demo carried out by Augmental in the video.

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CES wouldn't be complete without sex toys and the Norwegian company Ohdoki Introduce a new accessory to spice up relationships. It's called Oh! It has a wireless Bluetooth connection that uses audio technology for personalized vibrations. And you can sync Oh! To music and video streaming services. Can you imagine personal feelings to the beat of your favorite artists? It also has options for geographically distant partners to interact.

SAPO TEK follows everything that happens at CES 2024, with the main announcements that define the trends for this year and next, but also the most curious gadgets that always appear at these exhibitions. Follow everything in the CES 2024 file.