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Rock à Moda do Porto opened in the fall.  But he got up and cheered

Rock à Moda do Porto opened in the fall. But he got up and cheered

For the most inattentive spectators or for the many who, indifferent to the start of the concert, kept their eyes glued to their mobile phones, it may have gone unnoticed, but the first moments of this Friday’s Rock à Moda do Porto concert are beginning to tick down.

For Sergio Castro, the central face of the trade workers, this expression was applied literally. The band was still on the second track when an electrical cable knocked them down. With his back turned, he hit the ground as quickly as he had gotten up, continuing the song with the natural ease of someone with decades of experience and no impertinence about him.

Moments later, the event, which seemed to have had no major consequences other than the applause and roars of the audience, led to laughter and jokes on stage, clearly to the relief of the singer and guitarist his age. “At this stage of life, we often say that if we fall, we don’t get up. After all, I still get up. And get up.

The trade workers continued with a concert, although it started more than 30 minutes later than scheduled and with a half-gas stage, with more space in the Rosa Mota pavilion than the one in which the spectators were ascended (or sat), was the warm-up. However, the crowd was never overtly excited or engaged, perhaps because the Porto band left “anthems” off the setlist.

The concert, which lasted more than an hour, included mostly songs from the new album “Objecto,” which was recorded more than ten years after the previous work. “Cantar de Emigrasom”, “Os Bampiros” or “Micas bidente” were part of the new band’s themes that generated the most comments (and laughter) among the audience, and how unusual some of the lyrics were.

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Sergio Castro’s downfall wasn’t the only unusual moment in Friday night’s start. In the end, singer Daniela Costa’s performance of “Quero Louca” was like a school play. He entered wearing a straitjacket, with a low voice and amidst laughter, and was there among the audience who were swept away by the water that the singer sent from the stage with a mad move.

Trabalhadores do Comércio had stage presence Alvaro Azevedo, the original drummer and creator, along with Sergio Castro, of the group. Pedro Abronhosa will also take the stage tonight, which will conclude the first day of Rock à Moda do Porto, at the Super Bock Arena, in Porto.