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Rock in Rio Lisboa: Hurricane Ivete Sangalo, Black Eyed Peas XL video and the city's most eclectic street - Showbiz

Rock in Rio Lisboa: Hurricane Ivete Sangalo, Black Eyed Peas XL video and the city’s most eclectic street – Showbiz

“I wanted to stay here with you for another five or six hours, until tomorrow morning,” Yvette Sangalo admitted towards the end of the concert, concluding another inevitable return to Rock City. The feeling must be mutual, given the excitement that Brazilian women have proven to still elicit among the very loyal Portuguese public.

Throughout its nine editions, Rock in Rio Lisboa has always called up the former singer of Banda Eva (in 2016, she called her more than once, when the singer replaced Ariana Grande), so much so that the festival and the Bahia artist became inseparable.

In 2022, the collaboration showed no signs of fatigue. Ivete Sangalo brought the energy, dedication, and successes that were expected of her (“Abalou”, “Sorte Grande”, “Eva” or “Arerê”), as she was shot along with an orchestra, choir and dancers that boosted the feeling of constant adrenaline.

Yvette Sangalo

Credits: Claudia Lobo

“data-title =”Ivete Sangalo – A rock in Rio Lisboa: Hurricane Ivete Sangalo, XL video of the Black Eyed Peas and the city’s most eclectic street – SAPO Mag”>

Credits: Claudia Lobo

The party was complemented by a virtual duet with Gloria Grove or with colorful geometric figures on stage and on-screen animation in the background, but the biggest special effect of the singer’s show is the same: a find hardly anyone would disagree with. Somewhat with the music that never ends with axé (and for many, the artist is the queen of genre) or MPB aberration. Funk has been the driver of some of his most exciting moments, sometimes complemented by winks to more danceable electronics, in another professional testimonial that has helped make a return to City of Rock practically certain. Then comes the tenth edition…

There are lights that never go out

Another singer who performed under her name on the Mundo stage, Ellie Goulding, had no such effect, although she managed to leave a large part of the audience with her arms in the air and with the light of a cell phone illuminating the place. The place – where the lighters used to belong – is in “Love Me Like You Do” (the song that gained further travel when it was part of the soundtrack to “Fifty Shades of Grey”).

Ellie Goulding

Credits: Claudia Lobo

“data-title =”Ellie Goulding – Rock in Rio Lisboa: Ivete Sangalo’s Hriclip, the Black Eyed Peas’ XL Videoclip and the most eclectic street in town – SAPO Mag”> Ellie Goulding

Credits: Claudia Lobo

Saved at the end of the concert, it was, along with “The Spotlight”, one of the moments that grabbed attention at a time when, for many, it was the most suitable for dinner – after the performances of David Carrera and Yvette Sangalo and before entering the stage, the star of Black Eyed biz.

The British urged before “Burn”, “You probably know this song, sing with me”, another example of her electronic pop music that helped make the last clip the most welcomed segment by an audience with many teens (female, before all something) in the front rows.

Closing out the night at the Mundo Theater, the Black Eyed Peas take the abundance of luminous cell phones to another level upon their return to Rock City (which they haven’t visited since 2004). With a new single in the bag, “Don’t Worry,” the collaboration with Shakira and David Guetta (who has been highly praised by revisited the oldies, which wink at Corona’s classics (“Rhythm of the Night,” incorporated into “Ritmo”). (Bad Boys For Life)”), Madonna (“La Isla Bonita”, remember in “Mamacita”) or White Stripes (“Seven Nation Army”) and did not shy away from new mixes in Latin mode, taking advantage of the rise of the reggaeton.

black eyed peas

Credits: Claudia Lobo

“data-title =”Black Eyed Peas – Rock in Rio Lisboa: Hurricane Ivete Sangalo, Black Eyed Peas XL video, and the city’s most eclectic street – SAPO Mag”> black eyed peas

Credits: Claudia Lobo

This time without Fergie, who left the band in 2017 to devote herself to motherhood, the Americans introduced the Portuguese audience Ji Re Sol, the new singer, who unreservedly welcomed into a crowded place the sound of “Boom Boom Bao”. and especially communicative thanked the band for their support in both lineups, praised Britney Spears’ “Freedom and Pure Happiness” stage (with whom he collaborated on “Scream and Scream” and “Work Bitch”) and never before dropped his cell phone filming The show was broadcast live on his Instagram account.

“Pump It” (the theme that includes the racy “Misirlou”, by Dick Dale, immortalized on the soundtrack for “Pulp Fiction”), accompanied by fireworks, was one of the first moments to great applause, which was later followed by “Where the love?” or “I have a feeling” (oddly repeatable) like other organic peaks.

If the impact of these singles was indeed to be expected, the surprise came when suggested returning to “Don’t Worry,” this time to review the video. “Let’s sit like a family,” he pleaded. And so he did, along with, Taboo and J. Rey Soul, singing the song while looking at the screen in the back of the stage. A moment of relative calm, paired with a marketing maneuver without fine detail, that hasn’t waived one of the biggest-scale stickiness of this edition of the festival to date.

black eyed peas

Credits: Claudia Lobo

“data-title =”Black Eyed Peas – Rock in Rio Lisboa: Hurricane Ivete Sangalo, Black Eyed Peas XL video, and the city’s most eclectic street – SAPO Mag”> black eyed peas

Credits: Claudia Lobo

When it pays to arrive early

And now for something completely different…From Miami to city rock, Magdalena Bay has introduced their very own style of electronic pop music, which has been praised on several singles, three E.M. and an album (“Mercurial World”, released edited last year).

Singer Mika Tenenbaum and producer Matthew Lewin – who also played keyboards, guitar and live bass – appeared on the Rock Your Street stage with a drummer and performed songs as colorful as the clothes they were wearing.

A compendium of sweets with a homey, electric or disco flavour, the group performed singles like “You Lose” or “Dreamcatching”, in an alternating array of themes sometimes whispering and hinting, sometimes plump and asking for a mirror ball. “Three, four, down to earth / Lose control, a little more,” Tenenbaum urged on the catchy “Chaerie.”

Magdalena Bay

Credits: Rita Souza Vieira – SAPO24 / MadreMedia

“data-title =”Magdalena Bay – Rock in Rio Lisboa: Ivete Sangalo’s Hricane, the Black Eyed Peas’ XL Video and the city’s most eclectic street – SAPO Mag”> Magdalena Bay

Credits: Rita Souza Vieira – SAPO24 / MadreMedia

But unlike a crowded room, like the one at dusk the day before (At Sarah Correa or Bombino parties), the band were greeted by a few dozen spectators at an inappropriate time, beginning at 3:30 p.m. But at least one of them, a serious contender to eventually win the biggest crowd trophy, danced on stage throughout the performance. The band took home the festival’s Best Secret award to date, proving that they aren’t just the result of studio fantasies and know how to bring their songs onto a stage. Including a stage for an event that has rock music to its name: Lewin grabbed an electric guitar in “Good Will” for the apotheosis finale, nothing short of frightened by so many headlines.

Bruno Bernadas’ most famous show emphasized the versatility of Rock Your Street’s programming. This eclecticism is also one of the characteristics of the vocal cauldron that characterized the discography of the Lisbon composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Their latest album, Special Causes, released last year, maintains the trend and was introduced in the late afternoon, in the big band format that was typical of their live hits approaching.

Bruno Pernadas “data-title =”Bruno Pernadas – A rock in Rio Lisbon: Hurricane Ivete Sangalo, XL video of the Black Eyed Peas, and the city’s most eclectic street – SAPO Mag”> Bruno Bernadas

Bernadas took charge of playing the guitar, and was accompanied by six musicians, with a lineup that included winds (trumpet, saxophone, sometimes flute), bass, keyboards and drums, giving the vocal character also to instrumentalists Margarida Campello and Afonso Cruz. From jazz to tribal echoes, and from exotic spice to the flirtation with a space disco towards the end (with the right to the vocoder), the performance featured a cohesive ensemble, whose onstage performance was evident, which did not lack in demands from the inside out. of doors.

Because guitar and trumpet inflections generate some of the highest boiling points, as opposed to more stable, slippery (and often instrumental, or often instrumental, or often using sound as an instrument) traits, the journey in which the vocal and curious person ends up with the “Galaxy”. And despite the frequent selectivity so far, there are still other galaxies to explore in this disc, The musician pointed out in an interview with SAPO Mag.

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2022 returns on June 25-26 at Parque da Bela Vista. Duran Duran, Anita, Post Malone, Aha and Bush are some of the names who will perform on the second weekend of the ninth edition of the festival.

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