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Rodents and bats stop billions of gas pipelines from Norway - E24

Rodents and bats stop billions of gas pipelines from Norway – E24

The pipeline that would carry Norwegian gas to Denmark and Poland for bats and rodents was halted. This can delay the project for several months.

This image is from work with Baltic Pipes, which will be connected to the Norwegian Europipe II gas pipeline and transport gas to Denmark and Poland. The project is now on hold for environmental reasons, and may be delayed.



This week, activists also entered the construction area of ​​the Baltic Pipe near Odense to demonstrate against the gas pipeline, developer Energinet reported in Message.

last week I stopped Environment and Energy Appeal Board, the entire ground portion of the project, which runs from Hostrupt Strand to Faxseed. According to the plan, the entire tube will cost between 12 and 16 billion DKK.

The background to the shutdown was a complaint that the construction could affect hazel rats, birch rats, and bats.

to me resolution From this court, there is not enough certainty that the areas where the tube is established can be maintained as a breeding or resting area for birch rats and hazel rats. It is also uncertain how evolution will affect local bat populations.

We are deeply saddened by the decision, says Marianne Kaag, Energinet Vice President and Head of Construction Projects, at Message.

When the company obtained an environmental permit for Baltic Tube in 2019, it said it would continue to work on a number of measures to ensure good living conditions for hazelnuts, birches and bats.

Since then, we have continued to work on a number of measures to protect the animals. But the appellate panel says all of these procedures should have been fully explained before the environmental permit could be granted, Kaag says.

Montell: It can take up to 8 months

According to the Energy Industry Journal Montell The project may take seven to eight months to obtain a new environmental permit.

Basically this means that Energinet does not have an environmental permit and therefore they cannot work on the project. So this is of serious importance, and it’s a bombshell hitting the case, says office manager Nils Björkboom at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in Montel.

The ground part of the Baltic Tube consists of about 210 kilometers of gas pipelines. The Baltic Tube also passes through eight Natura 2000 sites. This is the European Union’s name for protected natural areas.

The protesters tied themselves in chains

This week, activists from Baltic Pipe – No need to enter construction sites and chain themselves to construction machinery. The organization had previously demonstrated against the project.

“In Frogde, where the Baltic Pipe will cross under the Svendborg Line, activists hung banners on contractors’ machines and attached themselves to them in several places. Police and emergency services were called and the construction site cleared in the morning,” Energinet writes.

If we have any chance of saving the Earth from the disastrous path it is on, a path that has already devastated many parts of the world, we must take drastic measures to improve the climate and the environment, both locally and globally. Working Group spokesperson Luca Jensen said in a press release Danish TV2.

– Baltic Pipes opposes these measures in every possible way. Therefore, he said, there was no doubt that the project should be stopped.

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Construction sites closed

The Danish pipeline and gas operator Energinet, together with the Danish authorities, is trying to find out what the decision from the Environment and Energy Appeal Board should say for the project, a collaboration with the Polish company Gaz-System.

Energenet is in the process of closing construction work until the company receives the necessary permits in place. A number of contractors are working on the project.

by Danish farmers too Notified the lawsuit Towards Energinet, which is expanding the gas pipeline. This will send gas from Europipe II through pipelines that pass through Denmark and into Poland. They want to stop the project, or maybe get more compensation, depending on Radio Denmark.

Danish energy and Polish gas system Make an investment decision for the project In Warsaw in 2018. Along with several other pipeline projects, Norwegian gas will be able to be transported by pipeline to Denmark, to Poland and to the Baltic states.

It will be able to send gas to Lithuania and the Baltic gas network when the GIPL gas pipeline between Poland and Lithuania is completed later this year. Last year, it connected Estonia and Finland via the Baltic gas pipeline.

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