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Rodini Sampaio believes in continuity and criticizes Boavista: “We cannot favor violators” – Portimonense

Rodini Sampaio believes in continuity and criticizes Boavista: “We cannot favor violators” – Portimonense

Portimonense believes it can stay in Serie A. Despite its relegation, the Algarve logo is monitoring the club licensing process as it believes there may be some non-compliance. Portimonense president Rodini Sampaio points the finger at Boavista and believes Besa could be excluded from Serie A. “Portimonense, its investors and shareholders are firmly committed to all responsibilities and obligations in all aspects. We know that professional football today requires the utmost rigor in all areas, especially financial. We have a high-level infrastructure and stadium, without debts and in financial health we carry out all our duties and obligations with guarantee.” social services, the tax authority, insurance, salaries, clubs and suppliers.”

Then he spoke about the specific case of the Besa club: “It is difficult to talk about Boavista. It is a historic club and was already a national champion, but the truth is that the sporting success of other years is confused with increasing debts and disputes. The repeated failure to pay the fixed salaries which has already led to Taking disciplinary action as they were found guilty of not providing proof of salary payment to employees whose contracts were terminated due to outstanding salaries and who were banned from registering players by FIFA.”

The leader believes that Portimonense should not simply point the finger at those who do not comply. “The Boavista issue deserves the attention of Portimonense, as it should deserve the attention of all clubs and national sporting entities. Failure to adhere to salaries puts the integrity of the competition at risk. Financial assumptions and their verification before the start of the sports season we seek to provide guarantees that the competition will proceed in the best possible way.”

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“The League cannot risk having strikes and/or players with unpaid wages in the main Portuguese competition while negotiating the largest television rights contract in the history of Portuguese football. It is up to the League and the Federation to evaluate whether or not the clubs will do so,” says Rodini. Sampaio: “They have already been repeat offenders for years, and they have met the minimum requirements to be honored in the largest national competition.”

The leader of Portimonense praises those who organize professional leagues and therefore believes that everyone who does not fulfill their obligations will be punished: “The League has done an exceptional job for the benefit of Portuguese football and for the country's economy. The work is that what they are doing is praiseworthy, something that is recognized all over the world.” , legitimizing unpaid wages, registration barriers, and financial maneuvers, legitimizes all other clubs and sports associations to start making bad practices in football a new trend.

The commander states that anyone who does not comply must be punished. “We cannot favor violators under any circumstances and we cannot acknowledge that new agreements are concluded annually with the Social Security and Tax Authority. Agreements on top of agreements that harm the public treasury. Agreements that we know from the beginning will not be implemented,” he points out.

In addition to Boavista, Rodini Sampaio also mentioned “the clubs that carry their home on their backs”, without mentioning a name, but clearly referring to the only team in Serie A that does not play in its own stadium, Casa Pia.

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“Clubs that have salaries arrears for months and months, fictitious agreements with the Social Security and Tax Authority, debts to other clubs or, and because there are also such clubs, behind their backs, without training facilities or stadiums, clubs when they participate” in professional leagues know very well what is Legal, ethical, obligations and duties, how can we attract fans to the stadiums if the fans do not even know where their club will play in the next sports season?”, asks the manager.

The controversial transfer of Poznik, which Boavista tried to sell in the market last winter, was also remembered.

“How can we verify the authenticity of clubs asking foreign clubs to make payments into “third party accounts” – as was the case with Poznik with Sevilla? How can national sports regulatory bodies verify that players’ salaries are paid in cash and/or through car companies? Accept that all of the sporting community's revenues will be transferred to the automobile companies and thus harm creditors – including the national government for tax avoidance through financial and legal maneuvers?

Given all the situations mentioned, Rodini Sampaio believes that Portimonense can stay in Serie A.

“Football must prioritize transparent information. The source of funds must be clear and sports companies’ technical options committees cannot assume that payments made by third parties are awarded under the terms of employment contracts, on pain of being liable in court for false statements.” . .
Let's keep an eye on everything for the benefit of Portuguese football.
Our project continues and we believe that justice will be relentless.”

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