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Roger Schmidt: "At the moment Lucas Verissimo can't be the same player" - Benfica

Roger Schmidt: “At the moment Lucas Verissimo can’t be the same player” – Benfica

The Benfica coach says the Brazilian is not fit to play Penafiel for the Allianz Cup

This Friday, Roger Schmidt reviewed the match of the second round of the Allianz Cup against Penafiel (tomorrow, at 20:45, in Luz) and talked about the situation of Lucas Verissimo. “He’s not the same player now, he can’t be, because he was injured a year ago, he was in perfect shape, he was going to the Brazilian national team. Now he’s in good shape, working well on his recovery, when he played for the B team he showed that in return, not He has a complaint. But to get back in shape you have to play. Last week he was sick, he didn’t play, tomorrow he won’t play, but after that we hope he gets back in shape, he’s an excellent player,” he said.


Schmidt's Penafiel recipe:

When asked if the players who stayed at Benfica during this hiatus in the championship could “steal” a place in the eleven, the coach said: “We have good players, but unfortunately they can only play 11 at a time. We have World Cup players.” And for others now they have chances to get minutes of play.To make great progress players need minutes and it’s important to play, especially those who are injured.Morato and Lucas Verissimo have been out for some time and have had to get back in form.They need competition.Unfortunately Lucas was sick last week He’ll be out tomorrow, but I hope he’ll be back by Christmas and get a few minutes in. We’ve got players who’ve been in good form and it’s good to have this competitive starting eleven.”

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