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Rogerio Samora is still in a "very serious condition", a source revealed to the newspaper - Atalidad

Rogerio Samora is still in a “very serious condition”, a source revealed to the newspaper – Atalidad

Last Friday, July 30, to Correio da Manhã, a hospital source confirmed that the actor remains in a “very serious condition, with a conservative diagnosis.”

On social media, last weekend, Carlos Samora, also a cousin of the actor, confirmed that Ruggiero Samora was “still stable”. “Another day passed… while Ruggiero Samura’s condition remained stable, Rokka. [a cadela do ator] I walked again with Sonya, her caretaker who has been with her since arriving in the family,” he wrote.

Last Wednesday, July 28, to general newspaperA hospital source said that “no changes were recorded” in the representative’s clinical condition, noting that “his condition is serious, and the diagnosis is still conservative.”

In “Amor Amor”, the actor plays the role of Cajó, one of the administrators of the Lua de Mel publishing house. In the novel, her character is married to Paloma (Rita Blanco) and closely follows the career of Romeo Santiago (Ricardo Pereira).

The actor is one of the heroes of the second season of “Amor Amor”, the recordings of which have already begun. In the new episodes, Rogério Samora will continue alongside Angela (Luísa Cruz) and meet Bela Bernardes, a new character who will be played by Alexandra Lencastre.

Rogerio Samora also participated in the first season of the show “Mascara”. At the SIC competition, the actor played “Ananas”.

In recent years, the actor has participated in many productions of SIC, such as “Nazaré”, “Golpe de Sorte”, “Amor Maior”, “Poderosas”, “Mar Salgado” or “Sol de Inverno”.

Born in Lisbon on October 28, 1958, Rogerio Samora studied theater at the Conservatório Nacional, in the late 1970s, and made his professional debut at Casa da Comédia, with the play “A Paixão”. His performance earned him a Breakthrough Actor Award in 1981.

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The actor has a long career in the films of Manuel de Oliveira (“Os Canibais” and “Party”), for Fernando Lopez (“Matar Saudades”, “O Delfim”, “98 Octanas” and “Os Sorrisos do Destino”), by Luis Felipe Rocha. (“Fire Signs”), Joao Mario Grillo (“Out of Sight”), Antonio Pedro Vasconcelos (“The Immortals”), Joao Botelho (“The Fatalista” and “A Corte do Norte”) or by José Fonseca e Costa ( “Ric Widow, Single Doesn’t Stay”), among others.

Before moving to Carnacide station, Ruggiero Samora starred in several TV series and TV series, such as “Destino Imortal”, “Flor do Mar”, “Ecuador”, “Casos da Vida” and “Fascínios”.

On TV, the actor has also been a part of the cast of “Jura” (SIC), “O Jogo” (SIC), “Super Pai” (TVI), “Family Doctor” (SIC), and “A Mulher do Senhor” Ministro” (RTP1) or “The Best Years” (RTP1). The 1982 movie “Vila Faia” saw Ruggiero Samora debut on the small screen.

For his work in television, cinema and theater, the actor has received many awards, including Golden Globes, presented by SIC and Caras magazine. In 2010, Ruggiero Samora was awarded the Golden Dolphin at the International Film Festival (Festróia), in Setúbal, becoming the fifth actor to receive the award – Rui de Carvalho (2003), Raúl Solnado (2004), Joaquim de Almeida (2006) and Nicolao Breiner (2008).

“It is a well-deserved award and it is time to give it,” event director Fernanda Silva said in 20210. The director justified assigning the Career Award to Rogério Samora stressing that “the actor has already played more than 150 characters – between films, series and novels – for more than 30 years.” from work “.

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