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Roland-Cross 2021 - Roger Federer qualifies for knockout stages

Roland-Cross 2021 – Roger Federer qualifies for knockout stages

Roger Federer is immortal. Dominic Koffer handled it at 3:35, the Swiss won at the end of the night (7-6, 6-7, 7-6, 7-5). Still, he could be a little more proactive elitakkiyirukka game. Especially at breakpoints. Whether it is those who support him or those who need to be saved. But on the empty Philip-Chatterjee grounds due to the curfew order, nothing was easy for the Paulois. Qualifying for the knockout stages he will face Matteo Beretini there.

Despite a five-point lead during the round (7-6 at 1:04) after the first set victory was snatched from the tie-break, Roger Federer started towards a quiet victory when he overcame Koiper from the start of the second set. . That did not happen. Quite the contrary. The Swiss took a 2-1 lead in the first, assisted by the feverish Coyber. He, however, caused a blockage. Here are two players who have started three breaks in a row and a new decisive game. Federer kindly awarded his opponent seven unforced errors for the seven points won by Germany.


What if Federer stops there? “We have to decide what is best for the next stage.”

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Federer, rediscovered physique

At the start of the third set the reverse scene with an immediate break in favor of Dominic Koiper, thanks to floating earnings, saw Federer fall to the base (1-0). The German then made no direct mistakes. Also added to the fanbase of his power shots from the baseline, perfectly touching volleys or millimeter lobes. This time, Federer was physically beaten and suddenly turned 39 years old. The chance for him to leave this edition of Roland Carros at the end of a match played without spectators is even more important.

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Often late, poorly placed Swiss, off-center shot, kattayappatuttappatata errors increased (as opposed to 40 per koyper 63). This service game was missed by Germany 4-3 in his favor. Suddenly, Federer became Federer again. With restored footprints and flashes worthy of his best years. From experience, he did pocket the third set, the tie-break with pekhent with an excellent mattress. Then the match started from 2h52. By switching to two sets at a time in his favor, the Swiss probably did the hard part. The following will confirm it.

Because, despite a new transfer at the start of the fourth round, Roger Federer was able to give the last boost to five games everywhere to avoid a fourth tie-break. Generally fair in key points, the Swiss finally won a match where he converted 36% (5/14) of his break points in the second set (4/6 per goal) without a save. But the essential is somewhere else for Federer. Grand Slam playing a half year later, here he is again in the second week of a Major. 9th-level player against perettini Matteo, the road will rise again. But the public must step back.

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