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Roland-Kross 2021 - Stephen Citibas advance to second round after victory over Jeremy Charti (7-6, 6-3, 6-1)

Roland-Kross 2021 – Stephen Citibas advance to second round after victory over Jeremy Charti (7-6, 6-3, 6-1)

Stefanos Tsitsipas did not scatter like Dominic evil, nor did he play marathon runners like Alexander Sverev. On Sunday evening, Philippe-Chatterjee easily checked the ticket to the Greek 2nd round after winning three sets to Jeremy Chardy (7-6, 6-3, 6-1) on the court. Considered a trap draw, this first round match was negotiated by the Athenians, who raised his position as the match progressed. The 2020 edition was the exact opposite of what he had entered into the run, where he had to recover from a hamstring injury with two rounds against Jam Munar at Lenglan.

In the next round, he will face the winner of the fight between Sebastian Corta, named in Burma last weekend, and Pedro Martinez, one of the rising Spaniards at the moment. This will definitely be a different kind of game regardless of the opponent. Facing a large server Sardi with the first big blow, he studied the game from a tactical perspective. Next Wednesday, we will have to compete in more rallies.


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A set and a half quarrel and the chitchat flew away

The game was close until one and a half sets between Sitsipas and Sardis. This fight mainly took place during the first act, where Sardi took the lead and instead caused a lot of trouble for the Greeks. Breaking quickly in this first act of 1-1, the Belvasinois quickly returned to business, 2-3, and created a little doubt in the minds of the winner of the Masters 1000 Monte-Carlo. The controversy continued until the deciding game, which was the same as the rest of the set. Tsitsipas finally found the breach in the armor of the Byrne missile, without difficulty. After missing a set point 6-5, academy player Marat Radoclo ended the case with a 6-6 win over Sardi.

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Ensuring the first set was won, Citzepas then climbed the crutch in this crowd. In the middle of the second set, he put in gear and passed the second, which allowed the second set to pocket. The last action attack was inspired by the demonstration of tennis and the semi-finalist of the 2020 edition. Apparently, all the lights are green, especially since half the gospel has fallen on his desk. For Chitsipas, it was another day in his quest for the summit: he struggled, yes, but he found a way without much difficulty.


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