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Role of physical therapists and occupational therapists strengthened in the pandemic - metro

Role of physical therapists and occupational therapists strengthened in the pandemic – metro

In the battle to save lives stricken by the novel coronavirus, physiotherapists and occupational therapists have joined healthcare teams and demonstrated how these professions contribute to the full recovery of patients with Covid-19. In their honor, this Wednesday, October 13, the day of celebration of these professionals, the Regional Council for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy – Crefito 6 – is promoting a memorial program with free service for residents, from 7 am, in Praça do Ferreira (center).

As noted by physiotherapist Dr. Ricardo Lutief, president of Crefito6-Ce, the pandemic has highlighted the need to increase the number of physiotherapists and occupational therapists in hospitals, UPAs and clinics. “Employability has grown a lot, both in the pandemic and in the post-Covid era. We work at home and in hospitals and clinics that are being set up”, notes Dr. Ricardo Lutev.

The actor highlights that with the spread of the epidemic, the role of these professions, which was already important, is becoming more and more visible to the public health system. “We had the addition of 22 new intensive care units in the state. These units cannot be closed indoors. We cannot undo this, because it is not only in cases of Covid-19 that these professionals can attend. Any premature birth, traffic accident, operation Surgical, postoperative period, stroke, cardiovascular disease, which kills the most, among other cases that go to the intensive care unit, need physical therapy and occupational therapy,” says Ricardo Lutev.

Ricardo Lutief, President of the Regional Council for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy – Crivito 6

personal group

Dr. Ana Karen Castelo Branco, Physiotherapist at the Center for Extended Family Health (NASF) in Horizonte, Director of Physiotherapy at Hospital São José and Consultant at Crefito6, points out that both physical therapy and occupational therapy have been of fundamental importance in this epidemic, particularly In for those admitted to hospital units. “I highlight the role of physical therapy in intensive care units, where we are responsible for managing mechanical ventilation, whether invasive or non-invasive, weaning from ventilation and cardio-respiratory and locomotor rehabilitation,” he says.

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Another relevant role of physical therapy and occupational therapy has been in helping patients with the sequelae of Covid-19. “These patients, especially those who have been hospitalized for a long time, suffer, among other things, from deficits in muscle strength, decreased lung expansion, and changes in their balance and coordination. Covid-19 also affects the mental health of these patients, panic and depression are common very much in this stage of the disease, so both physical therapy and occupational therapy play a key role in helping these patients, restoring functions, and improving the quality of these individuals,” explains Dr. Anna Karen Castelo Branco.


For Occupational Therapist, Dr. Marcia Andrea Rodríguez de Carvalho, the pandemic was a time to rediscover herself as a professional, at this very difficult time for health. As the professional explains, the work of occupational therapists in this period was characterized by the implementation of actions aimed at the care of health professionals through relaxation and self-care activities.

In addition, as a way to avoid pressure sores on the faces of patients, due to prolonged periods in the prone position, therapists worked on the description, manufacture and application of pillows and assistive technology devices, as well as in the production of optics. Comfortable glasses to provide greater comfort to the patient in rest and sleep activity, as hospital lighting generates confusion for not knowing what day and night are, and also makes sleep less than restorative.

Occupational therapy: visual comfort for COVID-19 patients.


The care of frontline therapists has also emerged by offering activity groups, assembled from each patient’s desire, interests, and preferences to relieve the tensions caused by hospitalization, loneliness, and illness, making everyday life more meaningful. “After everything we have been through, there is a sense that the mission is accomplished, knowing that we have effectively contributed to a moment we never thought we would live. With all this, we make people stronger, realizing that our work helps the human being to be the owner of his own history”, reflects the occupational therapist.

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In the view of physiotherapist Dr. Anna Karen Castelo Branco, the pandemic was a turning point in both personal and professional life. “Despite the tragedy of the disease, I was able to notice the growth of my profession. Your appreciation and appreciation have been very much for me, but the most important thing is to look at humans in a different way, to see how much we need each other, and how much love, attention and affection are more important than any money. I have seen emotional situations, real miracles have happened through love and faith,” he said.

Dr. Anna Karen reported a follow-up experience of a patient who experienced serious consequences after Covid-19. I started seeing her at her home as soon as she got home from the hospital. She was so exhausted, using oxygen, doing all the necessities in bed, the size was just how weak she was. He was tired even when he spoke, as he had 90% lung involvement. As the days went by, she improved and to my surprise, she proved to be a fighter and after two months the patient was already doing her usual activities and walking on the treadmill. For me, it was a pleasure to see its development. Situations like this make me proud to be a physiotherapist.”

Programming Crefito6

The National Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist Day celebrations continue throughout the month with tribute, lectures, and free assistance to residents. This Wednesday, the 13th, the schedule at Praça do Ferreira begins at 7 a.m. with public service. At that time, the specialists will provide guidance on the Crefito6 app, helping to seek help from a physical therapist and occupational therapist by location.

Among the services provided are consultations, examinations and physical therapy guidance for exercises to increase and improve respiratory capacity, as well as postural and kinesthetic guidance to mitigate the effects of the disease. As for occupational therapy, activities will be carried out to assess occupational roles, daily management and functions in carrying out activities of daily living, as well as tests for memory, anxiety and stress.

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A highlight of the program will be the launch of the exhibition “Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists – On the Line of Life”, an art exhibition that chronicles the journey of these professionals at this very challenging moment. The exhibition will present artistic expressions, reports and photographs of the physiotherapist and photographer marilia kwinderi, who conducted a documentary experiment on the front lines of the epidemic. The exhibition can be viewed from 5 pm on October 13 until 5 pm on the 22nd in the Legislative Assembly. Check out the full schedule below.

7 a.m. – Free physiotherapy and occupational therapy services for residents, post-virus and launch of the exhibition “On the Line of Life” – Praça do Ferreira 2 p.m. – Salute to physiotherapists and occupational therapists – IJF

3 p.m. – Celebration of physiotherapist and occupational therapist – Ceará State Legislative Assembly.

9 a.m. – Café com História – Launch of “On the Line of Life: Diary of a Pandemic” e-book. – CREFITO Hall 6

8 a.m. – Lectures and staff assistance during the second event Annual Occupational Therapy Meeting – Incanto Hospital in São José

19:00 – Celebrating the Day of the Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist – City Council

9 am – Café com História: in the line of parliamentary life – CREFITO 6 Auditorium

8 a.m. – Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists – SSPDS

8 am – Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists – Fire Department

8 am – Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy sessions at Lua Rosa Regatta – Beira Mar

The period from 13 to 22/10
From 8 am to 5 pm Exhibition: “Na Linha da Vida” – Legislative Assembly of Ceará.

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