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Roller coasters: – Hang upside down for several hours

Roller coasters: – Hang upside down for several hours

On Sunday, July 2, the roller coaster stops at the Forest County Festival located in Crandon Township.

Technical error

according to Fox News A total of eight people were trapped upside down on a roller coaster for at least three hours before a rescue team finally came to the rescue.

The roller coaster has derailed

– The only thing we do know is that there was a technical error that caused it to stall, Brennan Cook, a Crandon Township firefighter, assumes.

The fire station was nearby

Crandon Fire Station is 13 kilometers from the festival, but according to the TV channel WSOC-TV The reason was that people were stuck upside down for so long, as the rescue crews did not have the equipment to carry out the rescue.

“The Crandon Fire Department didn’t have a ladder, which is why they needed our help,” says Adam Finn, a firefighter with Antigo Fire Station.

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Antigo Fire Station is 7.5 km away.

The eight passengers are said to have been disembarked and taken to hospital for evaluation.

Turns off the intrusion alarm

Turns off the intrusion alarm

I photographed the accident

Someone who was apparently at the festival filmed the incident. On his Facebook page, he posted many videos where you can see people hanging upside down.

according to CBS News Seven of the suspended passengers were children.

Not the first time

This incident is the latest in a series of recent incidents at theme parks around the world.

In North Carolina, an amusement park in Charlotte closed one of its roller coasters last Friday after it was found crack in the support beam.

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