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Roman Reigns becomes the undisputed WWE Champion

Roman Reigns becomes the undisputed WWE Champion

how The main event Give Second night of WrestleMania 38 Then we had the long-awaited winner of the championship unification match between the winner WWE world champion Roman times And the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

The ‘beast’ got into the fight better, and the ‘tribe chief’ mistreated many people strikes And the suplex. Just outside the ring and with Paul Heyman To this combination, Roman Reigns made the opponent cross the protective barrier.

Back in the ring, the WWE Universal Champion was dominating and collecting his first winning chances, but the WWE Champion didn’t let himself go for long and balanced the match again.

Soon fake finishes For both champions, the referee fell to the ground when Brock Lesnar took over after suffering from Spear. Roman Reigns took the opportunity to apply a low kick And using his title against his opponent, but that wasn’t enough.

Soon, it was the turn of the ‘beast’ that almost made the ‘tribe chief’ surrender with Kimura lock, but that got to the rope. Already with the moral support of Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns has managed another app Spear And win the fight.

Thus, Roman Reigns became the undisputed WWE Universal Champion!

What do you think of this winner, take all championship unification match WrestleMania 38? Were you expecting Roman Reigns to win?

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