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Romana talks about her five-year-old son: “Every day I wanted a tulle skirt [para ir para a escola]🇧🇷

Romana talks about her five-year-old son: “Every day I wanted a tulle skirt [para ir para a escola]🇧🇷

last Saturday, Roman They shared a loving photo of their two children on social media. Faced with criticism of the clothes Ian wears, the singer decides to make a video to illustrate🇧🇷 “My 5 year old son is free and happy with his skirt, lipstick, hooks and toys and he loves the color pink”🇧🇷

On Friday, November 25, Romana was speaking to Manuel Luis Josha on TVI’s Afternoon Program, where he talked about a few Ian🇧🇷

🇧🇷It all started with a doll crush🇧🇷

He has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation, he doesn’t even mention dating. It all started with a crush on a Monster High doll, which is her sister’s doll. He was more inclined towards playing with girl things and liked her better. I began to see him tie scarves around his waist, wear headbandsHe said he wanted to be like Claudia Wolfe, a doll he loved, a character.He began saying.

“His nature is his nature and I don’t think I have to deny him. And then I bought him a purple tulle skirt and he loved it, and he had a party, put on a skirt, and take it to school on Halloween. I even said to her, “You know there might be someone out there who’s going to say you have a skirt on.” Not a problem?’. And he: “No, the important thing is that I’m happy” “He mentioned and added: “I noticed he was holding on to that tulle skirt. He said he wanted a skirt, every day he wanted a skirt.”🇧🇷

“He goes to school in a skirt, in a flowered nightgown …”

“Santiago [Romero] He was an amazing, wonderful companion and a great father. We talked a lot about whether that was true [Ian levar saia para a escola]🇧🇷 What I was afraid of was that someone at school would make fun of him and that I wouldn’t be there to defend or protect him. But he has such a confident attitude.”He continued, adding: “He goes to school in a skirt, in a flowered nightgown …”🇧🇷

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Romana explained that she noticed her son was frustrated in the morning because he wasn’t dressed the way he wanted to and had a conversation with the boy in the car on the way to school. 🇧🇷He told me, “I like girl stuff.” I didn’t see anything wrong with that. I spoke with the teachers, with the assistants, all amazed and with wonderful frankness, who said to me: ‘He’s a kid, he’s well-educated, he’s kind, he’s smart, why not? let it be'”he said, deciding that Ian should be free to dress as he felt best.

Romana joins the three children in a photo shoot: “TANTO AMOR”

Remember to Romana with Santiago Romero They have two children together: five-year-old Ian and Aaron, out of four. The singer is also a mother Problemsaged 18 from a previous relationship.