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Rondonia records 19 deaths from the Corona virus this Wednesday - Geral -

Rondonia records 19 deaths from the Corona virus this Wednesday – Geral –

This Wednesday (26), the following results were consolidated:

Confirmed cases – 227,438
Active Cases – 6163 (2.71%)
Recovered Patients – 215,600 (94.80%)
Fatalities – 5,675 (2.49%)
Patients admitted to the state health network – 323
The number of patients admitted to the private network – 67
The number of patients admitted to the municipal health network – 94
Patients admitted to the charitable network – 07
Total hospitalized patients – 491
Number of waiting patients: 0
Tests conducted – 600,363
Waiting for results from Lacen-298
* The vaccinated population:
1ª dose – 223169
2ª dose – 129,518
Inoculated health professionals:
1ª dose – 49,712
2ª Dose – 37.363
Fertilized Indians:
1ª dose – 6,749
2ª dose – 5.360
Vaccinated elderly:
1ª dose – 167.098
2ª dose – 85,048
Deficiencies of ILP:
1ª dose – 272
2ª dose – 138
Safety and rescue:
1ª dose – 5.607
2ª dose – 1.571
1ª dose – 731
2ª dose – 38
* (Data obtained at 5:30 pm)

Latest updates:

• In the past 24 hours, 20 deaths were recorded by covid-19 in Rondonia, however a duplicate record issued in the previous days has been removed and, therefore, for the purpose of system modification, 19 deaths were reported today. The nineteen registered on Wednesday (26) were in the following municipalities: six VJ Paraná, three women (69, 51 and 41 years old) and three men (95, 67 and 61 years old); Four in Cacoal, one of whom is 36 years old and three men (79, 61 and 43 years old); Two 66-year-old women from Alto Alegre dos Parecis; Two men from Porto Velho (64 and 56 years old); 85-year-old man from Western Colorado; 37-year-old man from Nova Brasilândia D’Oeste; 44-year-old man from Rolem de Moura; A 40-year-old woman from Europe and a 20-year-old woman from Philhina
• After carrying out an epidemiological investigation, it was found that the municipality of Nova Uniau had handed over the death certificate to the municipality of Nova Mamori.
• At this date, information on the amount of vaccines applied (the second dose) is less than that published on 5/25. The team merging the information determined that the duplicate data had been entered by some municipalities, so today it was necessary to conduct a recount

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