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Hospital Regional de Rondonópolis realiza primeira cirurgia da região sul de MT de retirada de tumor cerebral

Rondonópolis Regional Hospital performs the first brain tumor removal surgery in southern MT

The Regional Hospital of Rondonópolis, on Saturday (27.07), performed the first operation, through the Unified Health System, to remove a brain tumor in the southern district of Mato Grosso. The procedure was uneventful and the patient is still in the hospital, receiving all treatment needed for the clinical condition.

The service was provided in the hospital in early July of this year, 10 beds of neurological intensive care were implemented with the aim of accelerating the care of patients waiting for this specialty in the regulation. As a result, the unit has become a reference in the treatment of aneurysms, tumors, prosthetics of the vertebral joints and carpal tunnel, among other procedures of medium and high neurological complexity.

As the Assistant Secretary of the Hospital Administration for the State Department of Health (SES), Caroline Dobbs, an average of 25 high-complexity elective surgeries will be performed per month in the hospital. “The goal is to meet the demand in the area and avoid transfers to other cities,” the manager reports.

The director of the hospital, Yisrael Paniago, understands that providing this service improves patients’ prognosis. “They will have better survival, as they will have a more effective prognosis, considering that neurological conditions tend to be severe cases and movement of these patients generates significant risks of worsening of the condition or progressing to death,” Israel explains.

The regional hospital in Rondonópolis provides a total of 143 beds, of which 20 are general ICU beds, 10 are neurological intensive care beds, and 113 are clinic beds; The site is a reference for the nineteen municipalities in the southern region of the state of Mato Grosso. In addition to the specialties of neurology, the health unit also has orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, urology, ophthalmology, general surgery, clinical and surgical pediatricians, nephrology, infectious diseases, vascular surgery, and cardiology services.