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Roy Jorge praises Danny Motta and Gonzalo Ramos: “We have a different style spearhead” - European U21

Roy Jorge praises Danny Motta and Gonzalo Ramos: “We have a different style spearhead” – European U21

Rui Jorge believes that the U-21 national team lacked more maturity to manage the advantages 2-0 and 3-1 against Italy, which succeeded in imposing the extension in the European Championship quarter-final match. Portugal will eventually win 5-3 and secure the passport to Socks, where they will face Spain. He praised Vettina, Danny Motta and Gonçalo Ramos.

“We should have been more aggressive offensively [nas vantagens de dois golos]. It was a time when it was very imbalanced and we should have taken advantage of it. That is why we gave up on those goals, it was difficult to struggle to finish every part but we managed to form ourselves with a tremendous spirit and we won, “he began by saying at the press conference.

Defensive mistakes

“I haven’t analyzed it yet. On the field it seemed to me that there were two goals with the ball passing under the player. It happens … We were not in a bad position but we will review all of that. On the second goal I have to understand how the ball gets there. It enters an area where it shouldn’t have been.” You go in but we are playing against very good attackers and when you make a mistake you are punished. Even though we played a good defensive game, which is difficult to tell when you get three goals. “

Does proof of maturity take from here?

“I was in the game and I was thinking otherwise, we should be more mature managing the two goals. We could and should have been more mature. But we had great faith and spirit, and it was important to have a numerical advantage in overtime. I hadn’t seen Spain carefully. After. We will have days to analyze it. We already have people in the department who will analyze them and the task will be easier. Let’s see now. “

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Thomas Tavares is on the left and Diogo Dalot is on the right

“We have played like this before. Thomas does this position very well and it was my choice. It could have been the opposite, but I thought it would be better.”

Did Danny Motta play Trinkau?

“He didn’t make exactly that place. Trinkau descends a lot to the right, and Motta in the middle. Today he teamed up with Gonzalo Ramos and played a nice game, they worked a lot. In the end Ramos wouldn’t play. Today if Trinkau was here, but he played and made a nice game. He showed that.” We have a spearhead with a different style than Portugal. “

Do you admit to changing something defensive for the sake of “socks”? Is its vitamin indispensable?

“Witinha is a great, great player. At a high and a high level. If he makes a mistake we will have to substitute him. For something that was a key player, he also realized a lot of quality and team spirit. Today he played great the match again. We were not lopsided in defense. I was just worried in the first half. Because we did not press more. ”