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Roy Pedro Braz on the attack: "From today, Benfica will not remain silent with this lack of respect" - Benfica

Roy Pedro Braz on the attack: “From today, Benfica will not remain silent with this lack of respect” – Benfica

Rui Pedro Braz left strong criticism of the referee for the classic match against Porto (0-1) that crowned the Dragon as the National Champion, considering that this was the mirror of the entire season. “It is another match that turns out to be a reversal of the season, with Benfica systematically complaining about refereeing and VARs,” the incarnate general manager of football began in comments to BTV. “Anyone who knows me knows that my strategy has not changed. I try to defend as much as possible the guys who do their work on the field, no matter how serious – and today they were – trying to goal, because the judging team validated a beautiful goal, but then they were betrayed by Accepted by Joao Pinheiro, who decided what could not be canceled in any way,” he added. “Is it because of this move that we are in third place? Of course, Benfica made mistakes all season. We know that we have to look inside first, correct our mistakes and then fight for Benfica’s place, which is first in the Portuguese football ranking, but with the mistakes of the parties The third hurts Benfica, it gets more difficult. What we saw today was a reversal we’ve seen all season. Players on the pitch make the right decisions, but are betrayed by their teammates, in the comfort of Reggie in Football City, with repetition, slow motion, screens, And the multiple screens, right there in the air-conditioned seating. And I can’t defend those mistakes.”

“We all know how VAR technology works! The gentlemen who are part of the judging board, the FPF team and the referee teams don’t know the protocol better than we do! We know what’s out there. We know that the moment of frame selection is crucial to this kind of decision. It was Joao Pinheiro who chose the tire! Two centimeters? Do people know what 2 cm is? The tool is too powerful to be in the hands of such incompetent people. I do not object to the sincerity and seriousness of the judging professionals, but to the competence. It was another huge mistake and soon In the game of awarding the title of National Champion.”

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From today, Benfica will not be silent.

Braz assured that Benfica will have another situation and that he will not be silent. “Many of the criticisms leveled at those in charge of Benfica are due to the fact that we responded too late. Our goodwill with the supervisory bodies may have made us unwilling to take a position sooner, but that is enough. While we talk we are hurt, if we do not talk we are hurt too. .I know I will be the target of a disciplinary process, that is what it is, the application of fines and penalties, but from today onwards Benfica will not remain silent with such disdain.”