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Roy Unas raises controversy by classifying the sexual videos recorded by Thomas Tavira as "fatal errors" without consent - the censor ...

Roy Unas raises controversy by classifying the sexual videos recorded by Thomas Tavira as “fatal errors” without consent – the censor …

icon. A man cannot be defined only by the mistakes he made in life.This is how comedian Roy Onas justified the invitation to Thomas Tavira, an architect who photographed himself in the late 1980s while forcing women to have sex in his office, for an interview in his office. Podcast Crazy Beauty.

Announced through Rui Unas’ Instagram page, the comedian posted a picture of himself smiling with the now 82-year-old architect, accompanied by the caption: “Talking for an hour with architect Tomás Taveira means getting to know the free spirit, immense culture, sense of humor and the ultimate reference in the architecture of Portugal.“.

The post sparked a wave of indignation on social networks, where the comedian was Accused of laundering the abusive practices of Thomas Tavera, Classifying it as just “fatal errors”. Among the criticisms of Roy Unas was the suggestion that “Fatal mistakesWritten by Taveira were some of his most famous works, including Some Euro 2004 stadiums or The Amoreiras Complex, In Lisbon. there was Who pointed out the contradictions of Unas, Usually associated with feminist campaigns, and anyone who regrets the abuses committed by Tavira Have been normalized In the country – to an extent Some phrases the architect said In the videos Became popular In the Portuguese colloquial.

The controversy led to Roy Unas deleting the post, though Keep circulating to social media screenshots Who recorded the picture and the humorous message. Later, the comedian posted on the same social network Short clarificationAssuming you would “never” be able to “fully explain what it means” and add: “But the picture, the picture always has a message. If the message has been misinterpreted by many and even contradicts your principles, it is best to retract it and correct it humbly.“.

I think they know me well enough to know which side of the trench I’m onRoy Unas added, addressing his followers.

The controversial issue surrounding Thomas Tavira dates back to 1989, the year when many photos of sexual acts between the architect and several young women were published. In addition to filming without the girls’ consent, the videos show how the architect at various times forced them to have sex, ignoring what she said.. Some of the frames for these videos were initially released by Semana Ilustrada magazine – which will be issued later Convicted of misuse of freedom of the press Because of the spread of pictures.

The case ended up framing the opposite of what is likely to happen: It was Thomas Tavira who sued the magazine for publishing photos of these works, Which, according to various rumors, she would have practiced with some of her students and even with women members of the government. Even the prime minister, at the time, Kafako Silva, spoke about the case – though not to condemn the engineer’s abuse of power, but to criticize fabrications aimed at weakening the government with accusations of adultery.

The controversy will eventually dissipate over time, even taking in the boundaries of urban myth and It has become a frequent joke in the country, even among those who do not know the origin of the expressions.

Roy Unas’s call reignited the lethargic debate of Thomas Tavira in the week that another case placed the sexual harassment of men in positions of power on the national media agenda. Last Saturday, actress Sofia Aruda revealed on SIC’s “High Definition” program, Who was the victim of sexual harassment by a TV station president and TV series producer, Which she did not name – and that her rejection of these developments left her unemployed for some time.

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According to Sophia Arruda’s report, this person “wanted unprofessional attention,” which has been translated into signs like “The compliment was in a place it wasn’t supposed to beOr, “A kiss that makes you a little uncomfortable.” Inviting a personal lunch would boost the actress’s distance. “I took the cell phone and said that if it was a business meeting or lunch or dinner my agent would go with me, and if that wasn’t the intention, then there wouldn’t be No lunch or dinner. The person said to me, “Well, if that is your decision.” Later, in the recordings, I was sitting in the make-up chair and the person grabbed my arm and said to me in my ear: Is this your last decision? Do not work here again“.

Sophia Arruda’s discovery led many Portuguese TV celebrities to meet in support of the actress and indicate other instances of harassment.