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RTL Guest - Franுவாois Alu, new star of Paris Opera: "I want to go to the cinema"

RTL Guest – Franுவாois Alu, new star of Paris Opera: “I want to go to the cinema”

She is the brand new star of French dance. Franசois Alu, the dancer of the Paris Opera, is known for his distinctive side and membership in the jury. Dance with the stars He received this prestigious title after a show The PyotreThere he played the lead male role.

“You’re never ready for a star appointment, it’s something very sudden.I was not expecting at all, Expressed hope to the dancer on RTL this April 29, 2022. I am incredibly lucky and the public has always supported me a lot. I have a brilliant, festive audience like me, which makes me very happy. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for supporting me throughout this journey. “

Franுவாois Alu is not just a traditional dancer. Physically, he is said to be extraordinary because he is very powerful, in all muscles. He stands out from the rankings, which is why the stolen status is so relevant to him. “I think I’m a star, It has to be unique in a company. If we all look like, in a Corps de Ballet, it is good to be aligned. It’s the industry I value the most. Doing corps de ballet and being solo are two different professions. The Corps de Ballet is very difficult to do. You have to be in unity, you have to be with everyone. You must not violate. This is very, very difficult. I could never do that, “he explains.

He also took the oath of allegiance Dance with the stars Last season, he made his effort on the One Man Show … will be touring again soon with a new show Completely thrown away. “I’m well thrown in, anyway, he admits. Crazy? I do not know. I like to make people laugh. That’s how I see myself as an artist. I say to myself: we, we are the catalysts. Emotions. We are intermittent.I love to make people laugh.But I want to make them cry too.I like to scare them.Wonder characters and so more and more, I also want to go to the cinema a little. I think, like many hypersensitive people. It has its pathological side hypersensitivity, we are constantly on the roller coaster and I like it. This is a very vibrant life. ”

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