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RTL makes TVnow disappear - it changes

RTL makes TVnow disappear – it changes

It is called TVnow instead Streamingianst, In which you can watch various series and movies, but also the content of RTL channels, now RTL +. And this offer is being expanded. So now there is a lot to see and hear. RTL also announces read content.

The name RTL + is familiar to those familiar with the industry. Today’s television broadcasting company RTL started its show in 1984 under the name “RTL plus”. RTL did not include “Plus” until 1992, but withdrew that name in 2016 – not for the broadcaster’s main project, but for an offshoot. In preparation for converting the streaming portal TVnow to RTL +, RTL renamed its special broadcaster RTLup in September. However, in the end, the “RTL +” brand name has been around since its launch in Germany – now for the first time with a plus sign.

TVnow is RTL +: it will change for you

With the new name RTL +, subscriptions to the streaming service will also change. RTL guarantees that it is about names. “Free”, “Premium” and “Premium +” have now become RTL + Free, Premium and Premium Duo. “It does not change the price,” RTL promises. At the same time, the FAQ on change adds: “If we make changes to our product portfolio in the coming months, we will let you know in a timely manner.”

And this is not very possible. In the future, RTL will not only offer subscriptions to music, audio books, radio plays and podcasts, but will also offer digital editions of premium magazines from the Gruner + Jahr portfolio for the first time in 2022. For audio offers, Teaser joins as a partner in the subscription.

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If you use the TVnow Premium app on your mobile device or TV, you can now download the latest update from your App Store and use the RTL + app. Your login details will remain the same. There is no exclusive right to discontinue due to the change because only the name changes, not the price or the product. The contents of the Europa League and Europa Conference League can still be found here.

A TVnow subscription costs EUR 4.99 or EUR 7.99 per month. Accesses vary, you only see one business or no advertising, and depending on access, you can use one or two streams at a time. The more expensive version allows you to download the content and provide the original versions. The free version, on the other hand, works exclusively over the Internet and provides very limited access to the content. The premium version is partially included in Telecom’s MagentaTV. According to Telecom, nothing will change here. According to Telecom, the TVNOW premium package is now called RTL + Premium and is integrated with MagentaTV Smart, MagentaTV Entertain and MagentaTV Netflix tariffs. “The price and content will not be affected by this change,” the mobile phone provider said. The associated application will automatically become the RTL + application. Apps in the Media Receiver and MagentaTV box will be updated automatically. Other end devices require upgrade.

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