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Ruben Amorim: “I love being here and I have a contract with the club” – La Liga

Ruben Amorim: “I love being here and I have a contract with the club” – La Liga

Sporting Lisbon coach Ruben Amorim reviewed the match with Portimonense, in the 32nd round of the Italian League, and considered that tomorrow’s opponent (6 pm) will be a complex challenge, highlighting that he is happy with Leo’s coaching of the team.

Tomorrow's competitor: “The quality of the teams is different, the approach to the match has to be different, but everyone is fighting for their goals and we have a very big goal which is to win the match and get closer to the title. We suffered a lot.” “To beat Portimonense away from home we have to be smart in the way we play, even though we have everything thought out, there will be no management because this is the most important match.”

Projects for next season: “Sporting doesn't have to do anything different, these are life situations and I'm learning too. The fact that I'm open in my ideas and try to come up with a different idea in press conferences creates a problem because I'm very honest. There are always sales, whether with the Champions League or not.” We have a planned purchase project.

Massive support from fans: “I just have to thank you for the support, but more importantly the support from day one, which is not normal after fourth place. Now it will be related to us being close to the title, but the enthusiasm we have was created, for example, in the first match.” “With Casa Pia, it's even more important.”

Starting from Sporting: “I'm trying to be honest with you, and there are shows that say I'm pressuring people to leave, which is actually funny. We want to leave through the big door and we don't want to go through some of the things we've already gone through and there's a lot of things to think about: Do I want to change… “My life or if this is the right time to change because of the age of my children, what Sporting fans can be sure of is that I love being here and I have a contract with the club. They should be talking about bosses who fire coaches and have agreements with others without notifying them in advance.”

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Renovations: “Seba will have already activated the automatic renewal due to the number of matches and Sant Juste was injured just before reaching this goal. But we are preparing for next season and in time we will determine it.”

Anxiety in the team: “We don't think we can become champions at the moment. We're only thinking about what we can control, but a win tomorrow would be a very big step towards that goal. I just felt like I had to speak after the game against Benfica, but the team is calm and knows that it's still “There's something missing, and I imagine myself becoming a champion anyway, preferably as soon as possible.”

Sports hero: “All the logistics have to be in place, otherwise it gives confidence. It doesn't mean that anyone feels like a champion, it's just that there aren't any problems with the fans or the safety of the players when they go to celebrate. First we have to beat Portimonense, Then we'll see.”

Matheus and Gyokeres are eligible: “Mattheus Reis has interesting characteristics in this match and will be in the squad, especially since we had some problems during the week. Gyokeris is fine and will play, starting or not, I don’t know yet.”

Draw with FC Porto: “Regardless of the classification, we know what a club Porto is. Given the context of the match, a draw didn't hurt us too much and now it's time to move on and try to win the remaining points.”