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Ruben Amorim: “There was a moment when we fell asleep” – Sporting

Ruben Amorim: “There was a moment when we fell asleep” – Sporting

The Sporting coach analyzed the late victory over Vysela

Sporting coach Ruben Amorim analyzed the team’s performance in the victory over Vizela (2-1) in the 17th round of the Spanish League, after the match that was held at Jose Alvalade Stadium.


“Everything has to do with the moment. It was difficult, when you don’t open the scoring at the beginning it becomes complicated. We missed several goals against the goalkeeper. Then came the tension. Sit down the pitch and the players feel it too. In the second half we were better at stopping transfers.” Vizela, also because they were already more tired We got to the feature after a moment and then there was a movement we fell asleep [n.d.r. referência ao 1-1]. We always have to be alert because these are the moments, when we are in a moment like this and any shot can score a goal. Gave a draw. After that, we again overtake the opponent and get the victory. It turns out that it would be fair in a match that could have been different if we had scored the goals the first few times,” he began by telling Sport TV.

Balance of the seventeenth day

“It’s a difficult balance. It’s not very good, but there are good things. There are young players emerging. We know where we went wrong. We performed well against strong teams and that’s a sign that we can do better in every game. We have to improve our quality and not concede goals.” “We conceded goals without giving big chances. It’s clear that they are a young team with talent and they have the best because they are not where they should be. Football is like that, there are seasons like this.”

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Tanlongo debut

“He’s been doing well. We have to put the players in. I loved him, he was so energetic, he was smart at reading the game. It’s obviously a start and he’s going to get a lot better. I like him more and more for him. The way he works and how he reads the game. The game.” It’s part of his positioning and his growth. He’s 19, he’s there for the curves and he’s going to get better.”

Written by Flavio Miguel Silva


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