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Ruben Amorim wants "confusion" at Luz-Futibol

Ruben Amorim wants “confusion” at Luz-Futibol

The game with Gil Vicente has this allure to secure the Champions League and prolong the title race. So we caused a mess next week [clássico Benfica-FC Porto na Luz], which is always a good thing to revive the championship. “In this way, Ruben Amorim came close to Sporting’s need to beat Gilista in Sunday’s game, and still highlights (with a smile on his lips) the match between the two opponents, under this circumstance Porto can be a champion at Benfica.

The coach also recognizes that the victory allows “to keep a glimmer of hope” in the title fight, although he admits: “It’s not that I believe strongly in this possibility.”

About the discount, Amorim praised the “remarkable quality.” “We’ve grown a lot this year. It’s a well-designed team, with a very good defensive transition. Both teams still have goals and will advance with the desire to win.”

In a week when news of people interested in the coach emerged again, Amorim reiterated his desire to continue at Alvalad: “My idea is to carry out the contract with Sporting. I say this is at a good stage or less. I am happy here. .Maybe now they don’t like me very much, but I want to stay in Sporting. I really love my players. I want to take the next step and it’s not the time to start a new project. As a player, I’ve done contracts, I only left halfway when I finished my career, and I ended the year early.”

Regarding the rumors about his involvement in assaults with Soleimani, the coach explained: “It is a lie. Even for Soleimani, this is not positive because he will have to find another position to play. We did not even discuss. Soleimani’s behavior was not close to that. I am the Sporting coach and I will not lower myself I’ve never been to this level of hitting any player.”

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Factory designed for this system.
About 3x4x3 Amorim said: “We have more and more nuances that change the way we attack and defend. The team is designed for this system and we can’t do everything.”

Four in danger because of the yellow
Luis Neto, Nuno Santos, Pedro Gonçalves and Ugarte are the four Sporting players at risk of losing the match against Portimonense, if they see another yellow card against Gil Vicente.