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Rugby: Montpellier is rescuing himself by offering himself a European challenge

Rugby: Montpellier is rescuing himself by offering himself a European challenge

Gilheim Quirato and his allies dampened the enthusiasm of about 10,000 English supporters, they chanted.Tigers, tigers“, Nicknamed the Leicester team by winning the shortest interval (18-17) at the end of the suspense.

After the MHR victory, both European Cups will go to France, with Toulouse and La Rochelle in the final on Saturday (5.45pm).Champions Trophy“.

Hexagonal clubs controlling two European matches? This only happened once, in 1997, thanks to the victories of Prive and Porcoin-Jallieu.

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If the course of Toulouse and Rosalie is not surprising, then imagining Montpellier winning the second European challenge, after 2016, seemed unexpected a few months ago.

In early February, the club, led by rugby big money maker Mohd Ultrod, still held the top 14. But sports director Philip Saint-Andre Languedoc has straightened the ship well.

The former coach of France XV (2011-2015), who became coach again in early January after Xavier Carpajosa was sacked, turned the dying team into a winning team.

It wasn’t all that easy, the PSA initially had to concede five defeats in five matches after putting on the coach’s track suit.

But from the beginning of February, the Montpellier engine was restarted. Thus conceding only two defeats in twelve matches in all. On Friday, at the Temple of the Rose XV, the Languedians still failed to weigh in with their blindness.

– Maintenance function from Tuesday –

Nine fines agreed in 45 minutes created a mess. It was more than two yellow cards, at the end of the first period N.8 Alexandre Pekokni and then the second period of the captain and hooker Gilheim Quirato, which provided ammunition to their opponents.

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The Tigers took the opportunity to score (10-10) on a test of Harry Wells’ strength to widen the gap with the South African N.8 Jasper Wise in bulldozer mode. Each time, Montpellier residents in balloons controlled all the problems in the world.

Philip Saint-Andre’s team was not spoiled by fate, when leaving, for concussion, Flanker Fulgens Ovetroko and center Arthur Vincent. Despite this, Montpellier hung in and gave the South African centerpiece Johann Cousson – Man of the Match – a separate effort for his team (18-17), after taking a smart inside pass from Anthony Pout Theory in the last twenty minutes.

The people of Montpellier suffered. But they were better on defense in the face of the club’s attacks for the ten crowns of the England champions, which sought to provide relief for the disappointing season. Not racing for the title at “Premiership“, தி”Tigers“They wanted to reconnect the threads of their famous European past, they were doubled.”Champions Trophy“en 2001-2002. Not only.

Tough, bitter, we win this match that was ahead of Leicester. But hey, what hate, what courage!“, Welcomed Saint-Andre on the microphone of France 3.

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The first 14 have not yet been stored, and from Tuesday, Montpellier will have to put on a warming blue to ensure its maintenance. He will travel to Bordeaux-Beckles for a match late, which promises to be difficult. But with a lighter heart, “Champions Trophy“2021-2022 in my pocket.

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