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Ruggiero Samora did not leave long-term care

Ruggiero Samora did not leave long-term care

Primo ensures that the actor has not had pneumonia and that he remains “quiet, asleep in Encarnacao”, that is, in the health unit in Mafra where he was admitted on September 27.

102 days ago, Ruggiero Samora suffered two cardiac and respiratory arrests, which now puts him in a vegetative coma at the Continuing Care Unit of the Encarnaçao Diocese Aid Society, in Mafra. From which he “never left, since his admission on August 27”, after 69 days in Amadora Sintra Hospital. This is how JN’s cousin, Carlos Samora, confirmed to JN, denying that the actor had exacerbated and returned to the hospital emergency room with pneumonia, as reported yesterday by a magazine and published by other agencies.

“It’s not true, he sleeps in Encarnasau,” said the businessman, stressing that it was still “day after day, waiting for him to wake up.” “There was a day when things really fell down a bit. It was in terms of the respiratory system, not pneumonia, and it was controlled from the inside without the need to go to the hospital,” Carlos Samora also said.

Carlos is disgusted with “inventing a lot of things”, including the alleged family war for Ruggero Samora’s money, “which also doesn’t exist.” As a matter of fact, according to him, the artist’s brother, Paolo, still does not respond to attempts to contact or the desire to find out the situation.

Unable to touch his cousin’s accounts, Carlos made up for the expenses that arose, without exaggeration, unless, he warned, a catastrophe occurred, and an astronomical debt occurred, which it would not be.

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The day before yesterday, on the occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the birth of Ruggero Samora, many public figures gathered in letters of congratulations and appreciation. On social networks, at 9 pm, at the request of Carlos, they also formed a “chain of power” in favor of recovering the friend and colleague they would like to see “again”.