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Ruggiero Samora is still in the hospital.  The actor's condition is "very serious" - celebrities

Ruggiero Samora is still in the hospital. The actor’s condition is “very serious” – celebrities

Ruggero Samora’s health condition is “extremely serious”. The 62-year-old actor, who suffered a heart-pulmonary attack on Tuesday, July 20, is still lying in Amadora Sintra Hospital. Machele will be in a coma, in the cardiac intensive care unit, writes “Morning Mail”, which is quoted from a hospital source.

“The assessment of neurological injuries is continuing,” said the source cited by the same publication, stressing that the actor’s health condition was “extremely serious.”

Ruggiero Samora, who has already had a catheter, also writes “poison”, has been hospitalized in Amadora Sintra since Tuesday, the day he had a cardiac arrest while recording for the SIC series “Amour, Amore”.

Information about what happened with the actor was conveyed by the SIC on July 20, through an official memo sent to the newsrooms. The channel indicated in the statement that the actor was immediately transferred to Amadora Sintra Hospital, where he was monitored by health professionals.

“SIC and SP Television are following the situation and all of their colleagues and staff wish for quick improvements from Rogério Samora,” the same official memo concludes.

With a career marked by numerous appearances in television and cinema (in films such as “O Delfim” by Fernando Lopez; “O Crime do Padre Amaro” by Carlos Quilos da Silva or “O Mistério da Estrada de Sintra”, by Jorge Paixão da Costa”) The 62-year-old actor who has won several national awards, including the Golden Globes, is currently playing the character Cajó in the SIC series “Amor Amor”.