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Rui Duarte says goodbye to Braga against Porto: “I have a feeling that I will come back and defend these colors” – Sp

Rui Duarte says goodbye to Braga against Porto: “I have a feeling that I will come back and defend these colors” – Sp

The coach says he “probably won't” be at Braga in the future, but says he wants to return one day

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In an “all or nothing” match for the podium, Braga will have to defeat FC Porto to end the Betclic League and write another historical page. Arsenal coach Ruy Duarte wants the team to “give everything on the pitch” when welcoming the Dragons, in a duel that marks the coach's farewell to the club.

Welcome to FC Porto
“It's a tough match, against a very strong team, very well-coached, for us it's all or nothing. We fought hard to get here and we have to leave everything on the field, down to the last drop of sweat. There is no other alternative.” Let's face a great team, very aggressive, intense.”

Is the match final?
“Yes, definitely, not only this one, but the others who were behind. I heard Sergio's conference, they played two scores and we had one. It's an attraction in the game, but we have to do it for our lives, to score for one goal less and not concede a goal.” “

Are there any favorites?
“No. We are playing in front of our fans. We have already proven that we are a good team, there are many possibilities for both sides. It depends on how the two teams go in, how they fight for every step. We have to show if we want to move forward, every step, We have to be strong, there has to be a lot of rigor. I can't assume favoritism when Porto is a very strong team, with a very strong identity. We will have moments at the top, Porto too.”

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Praise for Sergio Conceicao
“He's someone I really like, he's a friend, he was my coach, one of my references, I really enjoyed working with him. As of Sunday, this feeling is strong, but until then I will give it everything I have.” Being able to give joy to our partners, he is someone I really love, but we are different, I have my own way, we have a good friendship, but that's it.

What is your comment on the disciplinary process initiated by the Conference on Disarmament?
“I probably went to the dressing room too early to celebrate the victory. I was ecstatic. I'll be on the bench tomorrow, that's clear. Whatever happens after then doesn't matter.”

What is your future?
“It's not something that keeps me up at night. I'm even nostalgic. Today is the final third. It's been an amazing two years in this house, winning titles, an amazing experience in the youth league, getting to the first team and people are on edge.” The least happy with what we are doing, the most important thing is to appreciate what I leave here. However, I am very focused on the match, and then I will have time to think about my future.

Does your future not pass through Braga?
“Probably not. I terminated my contract and you know what the circumstances were like when I joined the first team.”

Getting third place is the goal. Will the room be depressing?
“We try everything. Its meaning is personal and to please everyone. We have to propose something more, grow step by step, in everything, in the technical teams, all fighting for a common goal. The frustration that may exist is linked to thanks to the effort we made. We left Guimarães With the feeling that mistakes can happen, some of them are ridiculous, but the energy that the fans had, in the dressing room, and the structure, makes us believe that if we do not succeed tomorrow will be disappointing. I want to give this award to everyone, especially the players, partners, staff and management . We will fight with everything after coming out of our competitors with a win, after we managed to reach third place we cannot be afraid.

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Do you think you can return to Braga one day?
“I think I will be back. We did well, we want to finish well tomorrow and I have a feeling that I will come back and defend these colors. I will do everything I can.” To achieve this, but at the moment I am not worried about my future, but about the match and its importance, we have to leave everything behind, make these good feelings a reality and reach third place.

The stadium is full because it is an incentive?
“We have passionate fans and when we see the painted stands it gives us extra strength. This atmosphere that will be created definitely gives us responsibility. We have to play for something for the people, it is the people who make the club. Members, when I live this way, so it is our responsibility.” Giving this affection, and this affection is giving victories.

Do you confirm or deny Vitória SC connections?
“I have already said: My future is not important. I don't have to say what is happening or what happened. I am very grateful for what SP Braga has done for me, for my family and I. We love being here, we feel useful.” If I have to come back, I will come back with a full heart.”

Paulo Oliveira and a quack?
“They are competitors, it's not right for them to come back to the team… I just know [risos]”.

What does FC Porto expect?
“A very strong team. They played a derby game, and they scored in the end. They went through a lot like we went through in the last game. They were at a disadvantage, and they had a difficult win. But in the second half they created a goal.” “We have a lot of chances, a team in the shape of its coach, they have all the necessary ingredients for a great match, and they have a one-point advantage.”

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Written by Jose Mario


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